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MRes(Med) FT

The Master of Research in Medicine [MRes(Med)] programme was introduced in July 2000 to provide structured research training to HKU MBBS students while they are in the medical school. With the objective of nurturing a research culture among MBBS students, the programme will enable them to develop lifelong clinical and/or laboratory research skills and the ability to engage in research effectively. To complete the programme, students will have demonstrated by presenting a dissertation that they have acquired an acceptable level of knowledge and understanding in a chosen field of study.

The programme comprises both coursework and hands-on research training leading to a dissertation, with the coursework and hands-on research training portions to be completed within the intercalated year and the dissertation to be submitted by the end of MBBS Year 6. The MRes(Med) degree will be awarded to those who satisfactorily complete all the curriculum requirements of the MBBS degree.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time for one academic year between Year 4 and Year 5 of the HKU MBBS curriculum. The programme consists of hands-on research training, coursework and a dissertation project.

Medium of Instruction
Programme Entrance Requirements

MBBS students of The University of Hong Kong who have completed the fourth year of the MBBS curriculum; or those who have completed the third year of the MBBS curriculum and are already in possession of a Bachelor's degree with honours or equivalent in a science field. Candidates must have demonstrated excellent academic performance in their MBBS study.

Programme Admissions Advisor
Ms Kimmy Liu / Ms Elaine So
Tel: 3917 9312 / 3917 6853
Fax: 2818 4913
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