Abbreviation FT / PT

The Master of Arts in the field of Chinese Language and Literature (MA) programme aims to familiarise students with the latest trends in and methodological approaches to the study of Chinese language and Chinese literature, and to prepare them to engage in independent scholarly activities by honing their research and presentation skills. The programme offers courses in Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, and Chinese Culture. The Language component focuses on the study of the ancient and modern Chinese language with reference to grammar, rhetoric, semantics, etc. and an in-depth study of the essential features of Chinese characters; the Literature courses encompass topics covering classical and modern Chinese literature, literary theory, creative writing,  and Chinese literary history; the Culture courses offer studies of classic Confucian texts, Chinese thought, documentary sources, and Chinese culture in its myriad forms with an emphasis on its unique features.

Mode of Attendance

Part Time (two years, with classes on weekday evenings and weekends)

Medium of Instruction
Cantonese and Putonghua
Programme Entrance Requirements

1. A Bachelor's degree with honours with a major in Chinese or a closely related subject from a recognised university, or equivalent qualifications.

2. Candidates may be invited to take a qualifying examination.

Programme Admissions Advisor
Dr KW Siu
Tel: 3917 7296