Cost of Living

It is very difficult to give a precise estimate of the likely cost of study for overseas applicants because it varies according to accommodation type and other factors. You can refer to the Preparatory Guide for Non-local Students for estimates and a breakdown of the costs of attendance for reference: Fees and charges would likely be revised upwards in case of inflation. Since demand for on-campus accommodation is so high, not all newly arrived postgraduates can get a place. Off-campus accommodation in the area around the University is expensive and students should budget for any extra costs. Overseas applicants can be required to provide proof that they are able to support themselves financially throughout the course of study at the time of their application for a student visa.


Residential places are available but very limited on campus; applications from overseas students are welcome. Admission to the University does not guarantee accommodation, which remains the responsibility of each student. Overseas applicants should make accommodation arrangements before they arrive. Applicants are advised to consult the Centre of Development and Resources Centre (CEDARS) for advice, including the CEDARS website. CEDARS offers assistance to students looking for rental accommodation in the open market.


Non-local students including those from Mainland China need to obtain a visa to study in Hong Kong. Details of the visa application procedures are available from the CEDARS website.
Students intending to stay for more than six months should obtain a Hong Kong Identity Card after they arrive.

Students Bringing Spouses and Children

A student bringing a spouse can apply for on-campus postgraduate housing. The University has nine double rooms in Graduate House and eight family flats in Pokfield Road Residences for married couples, but they tend to be filled up fast.

There is currently no on-campus housing for students with children. Suitable family housing nearby the campus is expensive: a 400 sq ft apartment with two bedrooms will cost a monthly rental of HK$15,000 or above. This does not include the costs of gas, water or electricity. Apartments are usually rented on a mandatory 12-month lease and many landlords require tenants to pay the first month's rent in advance, plus a security deposit equivalent to two months' rent. The deposit will be kept by the landlord and returned without interest when you leave if there is no damage to the property.

It is essential that you have sufficient funds to support them here, including child care and medical costs if you have children and your spouse is not eligible for local employment.

Other Information

Fuller details of the development opportunities, resources and services provided by CEDARS are given in the chapter Student Development and Resources and are available at its website. The booklets Preparatory Guide for International Students, for potential applicants, and Guide for Newcomers, for newly arrived students, can be viewed online at the CEDARS website, and can also be obtained from CEDARS, 3/F Meng Wah Complex, tel: 2859 2305, fax: 2546 0184, email: