The application materials for admission to most taught postgraduate programmes in September 2021 will be available in November 2020. Please contact relevant Faculty for details then.

Applicants seeking admission to a taught postgraduate programme should fulfil the University's basic English requirements and hold a Bachelor's degree from the University or an equivalent qualification from a comparable institution.

Applicants with qualifications from a comparable institution outside Hong Kong where the language of teaching or examination is not English are required to satisfy the University's English-language requirements. The TOEFL code of HKU is 9671. Please contact the relevant Faculty for details.

Cut-off time for submitting your application is 12:00 noon and deadlines for application vary from programme to programme. Please contact relevant Faculty for details.

Please contact the relevant Faculty for details.

Yes. You should submit an online application with the required supporting documents to the University by mail and pay the application fee online for each application.

The application fee for each taught postgraduate programme is a non-refundable HK$300. Payment of the application fee should be made online at Payment in cash is not accepted.

You will receive an acknowledgement email if you have submitted your online application successfully.

Please contact the relevant Faculty for details.

Please submit officially certified copies of certificates and complete official transcripts of your undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Documents not in English should be accompanied by a formally certified English translation.

In the early stages of application you only need to upload the transcripts and Graduation Certificate, if applicable. Original or officially certified copies of the documents are only required when you received a firm offer from the Faculty.

A certified true copy is a copy of a primary document that has on it an endorsement or certificate that it is a true copy of the primary document.

The certified true copy should be signed by an authorised party, for example, the transcript and graduation certificate issuing department of your institution (e.g. the Registry), a lawyer, a notary public, a Consulate General etc. However, a certified accountant is not an authorised party.

In Hong Kong, a copy of document that has been duly declared as a true copy of the original document by the applicant before a Commissioner for Oaths at a District Office in Hong Kong ( is also acceptable.

If you already have established a user account for your application, please login through this link to retrieve your application.