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Scholarships for Summer Programmes

HKU Academy's Academic Excellence Scholarships for HKU Summer Programmes is now open for application for our members. If you are interested, please fill in the form available on your email by 31 December 23:59 HKT. If your application is successful, you will receive either a full or partial scholarship, as well as a guarantee admission to the summer programme which the scholarship offer (except Teenage Orthopod Scheme which interview is required).

Another privilege is that, your application fee for summer programme will be waived, if you receive the scholarships from the Academy scheme. Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY ON SUMMER INSTITUTE WEBSITE DIRECTLY. No REFUND will be made. 

The scholarship applications will be reviewed, and only limited applications will be shortlisted. The scholarship application result will be announced by 3rd week of January 2019.

Should your scholarship application be unsuccessful, you may still apply to the Summer programmes with priority consideration given by the HKU Summer Institute. Application fee will not be waived in this case. 

Seize the opportunity to spend a fruitful summer at HKU with the privilege offered by the HKU Academy scheme!

For more details about HKU Summer Programmes, you may visit the link here.