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Academy members winning Best Barristers in Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship 2017

30 Apr 2017

The Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship ("HKISMTC") brings a new form of debate and public speaking to the students of Hong Kong.  In 2017, 24 Hong Kong teams competed in the tournament. During two days of competition at the University of Hong Kong, over 200 student participants argued a Forcible Taking or Detention of Persons case in front of judges drawn from the Hong Kong legal community. 

This year, Academy for the Talented formed 2 teams competing in the tournament. We are so honoured and pleased to inform that 2 of our members ranks 4th and 5th in Best 10 Outstanding Attorneys. Congratulations!


"I joined Mock Trial because I wanted a taste of an attorney's work. I've never been to court before so I wanted to try something new to see if I am interested in pursuing a career in law. Due to certain reasons, my team had limited preparation time and had to work with new members at the last moment. It was a bit challenging because I had to get familiar with the case very quickly, improvise on the spot and work with new people. However, through this experience, I trained myself to have quicker response and higher order thinking. I learnt not to rely totally on what I have prepared but respond spontaneously according to the situation. I also made many new friends who worked with me together as a team." - by A.L.

"This is the first time I have participated in mock trial and the experience is so impressive that I would never forget it. I was a barrister representing the side of defence, which means we had to find out every clue proving the defendant innocent, which was a challenging process as we had to guess how our opponents would respond to our questions. Besides, I was also a witness on the side of prosecution, which implies that I had to attain a comprehensive understanding of the whole case in order not to mix up the roles and information. In a nutshell, I learnt how to tidy up the information given in a logical way and develop a certain level of logical thinking. In addition, I became more confident, outgoing, sociable and adaptive to different situations after interacting with different teammates and judges. This is really an experience I would never forget and a long journey still lies ahead. No worry! Mock Trial just provided me with the kind of courage that I would not be afraid of anything happening in the future." - by Lee. Y. T.

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