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International Symposium on STEM Education (June 22-24, 2018)


The International Symposium on STEM Education 2018 aims at bringing 100 students around the globe to HKU for academic exchange. If you are interested in STEM or considering choosing STEM subjects as future university majors or future career field, we believe this Symposium would also be a wonderful chance for you to explore and further develop your interest and strength.

The Symposium this year will focus on the theme ‘Cities on the Move’. Cities around the world are consistently going through a transformation through the advancement of new technology in transportation, medical services, education, living environment, the design of urban space, etc. With the continued emphasis on technology, how does this trend thrive, influence and contribute to people’s lives, experiences, and resolve issues which we encounter nowadays? You will be grouped to work on a project to resolve current issues and incorporate VR technologies in the presentation.

Eligibility: Academy Members who are currently studying S.4-S.6

Apply here on or before 27 April: