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International Symposium on STEM Education

International Symposium on STEM Education

In face of new technological implications on our social lives and interactions, on development of healthcare systems and on a variety of other research and development, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education has become a global trend. International Symposium on STEM Education is an event that enables students to enhance their interest in technology learning, creativity, innovation and their ability to integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge with the application of their skills learnt from this symposium.

Before the event, students were required to complete online courses to get them prepared for the symposium. During the event, students were divided into groups of 5-7, to work together on a theme based project in relation to technology.

This symposium is a signature event of the Academy that is held annually with different themes each year around Spring or Summer time. To join this event, members please stay tuned to our website and emails for more details.