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Membership offer

  • Enjoy the precious opportunity to meet other top students and elites from worldwide through the Academy’s events and programmes
  • Receive exclusive offer of scholarships for applying summer programmes held by “HKU Summer Institute”
  • Receive exclusive opportunity to apply for other scholarships for joining international events/ conferences
  • Attend credit-bearing courses offered by HKU
  • Glimpse of HKU campus life 
  • Access to Chi Wah Learning Commons during summer
  • 10% discount for all purchase in HKU Visitor Centre



  • Inauguration ceremony for new members
  • Explore your interest through our wide range of events and programmes
  • Get a glimpse of various disciplines that helps you explore the potential university programmes you may apply



  • Matching mentors for your academic development
  • Join events and programmes specifically designed to help you enhance your understanding of specific academic disciplines
  • Join our Star-catcher Series to further stretch your potential in HKDSE Exams and university interviews