Learn, Live and Intern in China 2019 (Overseas Undergraduates)

Course Code: LLIC2019OVERSEAS

Target Students: Non-HKU Undergraduates (for HKU Undergraduates, click here)

* If you are a student from the University of Oxford, you must make an application directly through your Careers Service here. 

Area of Interest: Asia Cities: Business, Culture and Society, Experiential Learning / Internships, Multi-location

Credits: —

Course Fee: Funding available

Accommodation Fee: Included

Application Deadline (1st Batch):    February 28, 2019 (HKT 23:59)

Application Deadline (2nd Batch):   April 10, 2019 (HKT 23:59)

*Internship placements will be offered on a rolling basis to the 1st batch, with any remaining places offered to the 2nd batch – you are therefore advised to apply as early as possible since places are limited.

About LLIC

Founded in 2008, The Learn, Live and Intern in China (LLIC) Programme at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) brings together undergraduate students from around the world to experience China through a 7-week internship. LLIC has a unique network of companies that offer internships to our participants in China. Once accepted to LLIC, students are automatically guaranteed an internship with one of our partner companies. The internships may not directly relate to a student’s major, but rather are intended to provide broader practical work experience and an insight into local working culture and life in modern China.

LLIC is unique in three ways:

  1. Many of the LLIC partner companies require neither Chinese language skills nor previous field experience from interns. Students from any academic background can apply.
  2. LLIC not only handles the internship placement for students, but will also provide air-tickets between Hong Kong and China and houses all interns together.
  3. LLIC offers a unique framework for cultural exchange with local participants as well as overseas participants as half of LLIC interns will be selected from HKU applicants and the other half from overseas institutions. All LLIC participants will truly get the chance to meet people from all over the world.

Due to its small size and generous funding offered to participants, LLIC remains an exclusive programme whose past participants come from some of the best universities in the world. Participants in previous programmes have represented universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, CornellPennsylvaniaYale, Cambridge and Oxford, among other quality institutions whose students continue to join each summer.

Course Description

LLIC consists of a 4-day seminar series at the University of Hong Kong, followed by a 7-week internship programme in China.

This course is designed to equip students with a deeper understanding of the fastest-growing economic and business environments in the world through an in-depth exploration of China markets by having guest lectures and firm visits with senior management of leading companies in Hong Kong.

This course focuses on practical experience of the current business environment, marketing and branding, consumer behavior, and cross-cultural management in China. Learning via in-class lecturers, guest talks, form visits and internships are the core components in achieving the course objectives of this programme.

Most recently, with the “One Belt One Road” initiative raised by China’s government, local and international firms need to develop a new mindset if they want to be competitive in such a huge, diverse and fast-changing environment as China.

Students will also acquire personal experience of a variety of cultures and societies, and develop truly international perspectives and practical work experience via internships in China.

Course Objectives

  • to develop students’ understanding of business management, marketing and branding involving culture, social, economic, political and environmental aspects in China context;
  • to enhance students’ knowledge of consumer behavior and corresponding business strategy required;
  • to allow students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the development of finance, technology, retailing, luxury and creative industry sectors in the greater China market;
  • to allow students to develop cross-cultural management skills to work under a cross-boundary and multi-cultural environment;
  • to allow students to experience Hong Kong and China’s business environment and culture via guest lectures, firm visits and internship program

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the roles of Hong Kong and China in the advancement of manufacturing and servicing industries in the Asian region;
  • Learn about the development of various industry sectors in China towards year 2025, especially under the latest “One Belt One Road” Initiative;
  • Recognize local consumer behavior, business practice and cultural values; acquire practical skills to develop and implement effective business strategy in China markets;
  • Understand the major business management issues in the Asian region and China market, and acquire corresponding techniques to tackle them via cross-cultural management;
  • Study the key success factors of local and international firms, as well as the development of various major industry sectors in Hong Kong and China

Programme Dates:

Below is the provisional timeline for the Learn, Live and Intern in China (LLIC) 2019 programme:

Programme Period

Check-in:  Sunday June 23, 2019

Check-out:  Saturday August 17, 2019

Seminar Series at HKU Monday-Thursday, June 24-27, 2019 (4 days)
Opening Ceremony in China Friday June 28, 2019
Internship in China Monday July 1 – Thursday August 15, 2019 (7 weeks)
Closing Ceremony in China Friday August 16, 2019

Seminar Series at HKU – Guest Speaker Biographies

Please click here for the PDF of the biographies of our 6 guest speakers this year.


For possible companies with internship placements, please click here for details.  Please note this is a small selection of companies we’ve partnered with in the past – we have an extensive list covering many sectors and industries which we cannot fully list here.  We will try our best to match your interests, skills, experiences and preferences, although depending on business needs and vacancy availability, we cannot guarantee a specific company or job role in the allocations process.


Learn, Live and Intern in China (LLIC) 2019 Programme takes place between June 24 and August 16, 2019 (8-weeks). The items below are covered by the programme funding (Victor and William Fung Foundation Ltd) for overseas students:

  1. 4-day seminar series at HKU with company visits
  2. Networking events, social activities and orientation
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Return Airfare between Hong Kong and China
  5. Airport transfer in China (to/from Accommodation)
  6. Accommodation in China
  7. Internship placement in China (Shanghai)

Estimated Personal Costs

*Costs are an approximation and will differ depending on individual needs.

Items Cost (USD)
Return Airfare (between your home country and Hong Kong) 300-2,000
Meals and Transportation 300-500
Visa Application 110
Miscellaneous and Personal Expenses 500-800

*Please note programme content and funding arrangements are subject to change without prior notice.

Application Timeline (Important)

  1. Applications received before 1st batch deadline (Feb 28) will be processed first and successful applicants will receive their internship offers first.
  2. Applications received after Feb 28 but before 2nd batch deadline (Mar 31) will still be accepted, but we cannot guarantee 2nd batch applications will be considered as all internship places may have been offered already.
  3. Only if places are still available after Mar 31 will they be offered to late applicants and offers may be made much later in the process.
    You are therefore advised to apply as early as possible.

*HKU Summer Institute reserves the right to cancel the course should there be insufficient enrolment or any unforeseen circumstances.

Visa Application

Region:  Local HK Students International Students (Not a HK Permanent Resident)
Hong Kong Nil HK student visa
Mainland China Only Home Return Permit (回鄉證) is required. “F” or “M” China visa

All non-local students who wish to take course(s) for studying in Hong Kong, regardless of the length of study, are required by law to obtain a student visa/entry permit issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD). For details, please refer here.

You are recommended to apply for a F/M visa to China via the local Chinese embassy of your country of residence. You need to provide extra supporting document (proof of legal stay or residence status) upon application. For F/M China visa, please refer here.


How to Apply

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Please note that only undergraduate students are eligible to apply. LLIC strongly encourages you to fully read the website thoroughly to be aware of our terms and conditions before you submit an application. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions by email to llic@hku.hk

1. Application

Please complete the online application form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on this page.
Please ensure you upload all required documents with your online application for it to be processed.

2. Interview

Once you have submitted your application, if shortlisted, you may be contacted for an interview anytime between February and April.  Accepted interviewees will be notified of their status via email.  Interviews will take place either in person or online with one of the LLIC Programme Coordinators.

3. Accepting the offer

Successful applicants should be notified of acceptance onto the programme by email before end of April 2019 . Students who have confirmed their participation are automatically guaranteed an internship by LLIC, but the location, the company, and the duties of the internship are all to be determined solely by the LLIC Committee, and are not subject to student requests.