You will find key information here to prepare for your studies at HKU


  • Please read through our website and this A Glimpse of Student Life @HKU prepared by CEDARS in which you will find practical information for your pre-arrival preparation.


  • Flight Tickets
    We recommend that all students arrive in Hong Kong around one week before the start of the semester for registration, and book their return tickets after they have received a confirmed examination timetable, which will not be released until 1–2 months before the assessment period.

    You can find the semester dates here.


  • Insurance Plan (optional)
    Medical insurance is optional but highly recommended.  Students who are going to spend more than 180 days in Hong Kong may be eligible to apply for an HKID card. However, because it takes time to obtain the HKID card, exchange/visiting students are strongly advised to get their own medical insurance to cover their first month of stay, and those staying at the University for less than 6 months are strongly recommended to purchase private medical and hospital insurance to cover the whole period of their stay in Hong Kong. The coverage should include provisions for emergency evacuation, rescuer's expenses and repatriation.

    If you plan to travel outside Hong Kong, you should make sure that your insurance policy covers those destinations as well.

    You can also consider purchasing accident insurance upon arrival at HKU.


  • Facebook Group

After you are admitted, you will receive the invitation to the Facebook group in which some current HKU students will provide linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at HKU and will answer your queries. 


  • Please prepare to bring along the following items to HKU:
    • A photo for your HKU student card
      • Your photo should be:
        • Be taken within the last 6 months, not wearing a hat or sunglasses;
        • Not be larger than 55 x 45 mm and not smaller than 50 x 40 mm;
        • Have a PLAIN BLUE (preferred), white or light-coloured background. Do NOT use a black, dark or patterned background.
    • A costume representing your home country and/or t-shirt representing your home institution. 
      • There will be occasions, e.g., the Study Abroad Fair, where you will be asked to introduce your home institution/home country to the HKU community and it would be great if you could wear the costume and/or t-shirt on such occasions.
    • Your Latest Official Transcript. 
      • Please bring along your latest official transcript for your course selection at HKU.
    • Your Gym Card
      • If you want to use the gym at HKU and you already have a gym card issued by any sports institution/home institution, bring it with you so that you can be exempted from taking the gym training class before getting an HKU gym card.
    • Petty Cash
      • You might want to get some HK dollars in your home country beforehand or when you arrive at the HK Airport to pay for train and taxi fares.


Transportation and Campus Map


How to get to HKU or HKU Residence Hall from Airport?
The quickest way is to take the Airport Express from the Airport to Hong Kong Station and then take a taxi.  You can find the Chinese addresses of the HKU Residence Halls in the A Glimpse of Student Life @HKU, which you can show to the taxi driver.



Registration and Course Enrollment
  • Registration Period
    You are strongly encouraged to arrive during the specified registration period so that you can apply for your HKU Student ID card in a timely manner, and join the Orientation programme to attend various information sessions. You will receive detailed registration procedures from our office in due course. 

    If you cannot arrive during the registration period, please notify us through email .


  • HKU Portal account
    Your University number, Portal ID and PIN will be sent to you by email 1–2 weeks before the start of the semester.

    After you obtain your HKU Portal account details, you should immediately login HKU Portal >MyPage >  Self-Service > Master Registration to complete your online Master Registration, your HKU Student Card cannot be issued and you cannot enrol in any course.


  • Course Enrollment
    The courses shown on your admission letter only indicate that you are eligible for the courses; you are still required to register for them through the course selection system.

    The course selection period usually begins on the first day of teaching and lasts for two weeks. You can access the online course selection system and add or drop courses within this period. Please refer to for important academic dates.

    After completion of the Master Registration on the HKU Portal, you can preview the optional course list and corresponding timetable of your curriculum on the Portal. However, you are unable to enrol in any courses before the course selection period starts.

    Course enrolment is done online via your HKU Portal on a first-come-first-served basis. To access the course selection system, please login to HKU Portal > Student Information System > SIS Menu > Enrolment > Enrolment > Add Classes.

    You will receive detailed course enrolment procedures from our office in due course.



The orientation programme will begin about a week before the semester starts.  You are strongly encouraged to join the orientation programme to help familiarise yourself with studying in Hong Kong and at HKU, and also to get to know some new HKU buddies!


Please refer to this page for details of the Orientation programme.


Support Services



For items not covered here and frequently asked questions about living in Hong Kong, please refer to FAQ for further details.