Short-term Abroad Partnerships (SAP)

In collaboration with the universities below, HKU offers a variety of short-term programmes. Students can enrol in summer sessions/programmes (for at least 2 weeks) at these renowned universities, supported by substantial partner discounts and scholarships.


Institution Programme Country
University of Sydney University of Sydney Short Term Study Abroad Australia
Academic Internship Council Overseas Internship Programme (CLOSED) Multi-location
Imperial College Business School Summer School UK
Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer Programme UK
King's College London KCL Undergraduate Summer School UK
The London School of Economics and Political Science LSE Summer School UK
University College London UCL Summer School UK
University of Cambridge - Institute of Continuing Education International Summer Programmes UK
University of Cambridge - Pembroke College Pembroke-King's Programme UK
University of Edinburgh Summer School UK
University of Glasgow Scotland's Cultural Landscape - Nation, Heritage and the Arts UK
University of Oxford - Department of Continuing Education (St Antony's College) International Politics Summer School UK
University of Oxford - Exeter College The Exeter Summer Programme (CLOSED) UK
Columbia University Columbia Summer USA
Johns Hopkins University JHU Summer USA
Stanford University Stanford Summer International Honors Programme (CLOSED) USA
Stanford University Stanford Summer Session USA
University of California, Berkeley Berkeley Summer Sessions USA
University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Summer Sessions USA
University of Chicago Summer Language Institute (NEW) USA
University of Chicago Summer Business Scholars Program (NEW) USA
University of Chicago UChicago Summer Session (NEW) USA
University of Pennsylvania Penn Summer Global Institute USA
Yale University Yale Summer Session – Yale College Courses for Credit: Session A and B USA
Yale University Yale Summer Session – English Language Institute USA

*Programme information for Summer 2019 will be updated as soon as it becomes available from the host institution. 



Application Procedure for SAP

  • To participate in one of the programmes listed under Short-term Abroad Partnerships (SAP), you will first need to obtain the nomination from International Affairs Office before admittance to any of the programmes.


  • In your application, you can specify up to five preferences. However, each successful applicant will only be nominated for one SAP programme.


  • Some programmes may only be offered for a certain application period. Students are advised to check the programme details and to apply as early as possible as some programmes may have quota. Priority will be given to those who apply early.


1. Apply through the online application system. (Link)

  • Specify up to 5 programme choices.


2. Submit the required documents to the online application system.

  • Personal Statement (minimum 250 words)
  • Academic record: Official transcript/screen capture(s) of academic results from HKU Portal:
    • For non-first-year students: with your latest CGPA
    • For first-year students: with the list of courses you are taking
    • For MBBS students, please combine the transcript or portal exam result page with converted CGPA so that we could assess both accordingly.
  • Submit the optional documents to the online application system.
    • TOEFL/IELTS report (applicable if it is part of the programme-specific requirement)


3. Receive offer of nomination from IAO.


4. Accept the offer by paying a deposit of HKD2,000 (please refer to Deposit Payment Instruction) and submit the payment slip to the online application system by the given deadline.

  • The deposit is refundable upon your completion of the programme and the submission of your report. Under normal circumstances, no deposit shall be refunded if you withdraw from the programme after accepting the offer or if you fail to complete the programme.


5. Apply to the host institution.

  • Some institutions have waived some requirements for students from HKU. You can refer to the programme details.


6. Most institutions required a scanned copy of the official transcript issued by HKU for their application. It takes time to request a university transcript. Allow sufficient time for your application. No late submissions will be allowed.


7. Receive official admission offer from host institution


8. Pay the standard fees to the host institution or to HKU, where applicable.


9. Lodge your visa application and prepare for departure. Visa applications to the US will take a substantial amount of time and effort, so please ensure you initiate your visa application as soon as you can.


Key Dates for SAP


First Round

Second Round

Final Round

Application Deadline

January 25, 2019

February 15, 2019

March 8, 2019

Nomination Offer Announcement

January 29, 2019

February 20, 2019

March 13, 2019

Acceptance and Deposit Payment Deadline

February 3, 2019

February 25, 2019

March 18, 2019

Pre-departure Briefing



*Important notes: After receiving the nomination from IAO, you will need to submit an application to the host institution. Each programme will have different deadlines from host institution. Please refer to the programme page for the application deadlines from the host institution.


Short-term Abroad Partnerships is open to full-time undergraduate students only.