HKU students have the opportunity to spend up to two semesters (one academic year) abroad on an undergraduate course. HKU has expanded the Visiting Programmes partnership to include the below institutions. All visiting students joining any of these programmes attend classes with local students at the host institution, live in residential colleges with them and take part in extra-curricular activities usually only available to local students, while also enjoying the exciting study abroad experience. 


Worldwide Plus Visiting Programme I

Yale University

The Yale Visiting International Students Programme (Y-VISP) is an honours programme that has reserved a number of places for HKU undergraduates. They can spend one academic year as visiting students at Yale College. The University of Hong Kong will sponsor the tuition fees to Yale University on behalf of HKU students selected for Y-VISP.


University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge offers full-year Junior Year Abroad (JYA) Programme. Admitted students will spend the full academic year studying.

  • Fitzwilliam College: Engineering students preferred
  • Pembroke College: Engineering, Business and Economics students preferred
  • Homerton College: Physics and Chemistry students preferred


University of Oxford

University of Oxford offers full-year Junior Year Abroad (JYA) Programme. Admitted students will spend the full academic year studying.

  • Pembroke College



Worldwide Plus Visiting Programme II

Suggested Institutions 

  •  Brown University
  •  Cornell University
  •  Harvard University
  •  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •  University of Pennsylvania
  •  Princeton University
  •  Stanford University
  •  Or other institutions approved by IAO 

Students will need to apply by themselves directly to the host institution. Meanwhile, please report to International Affairs Office (IAO) to apply for Worldwide Plus Visiting Scholarship. 




Worldwide Plus Visiting Programmes Application Timeline
Sep 8 (Fri) Application Online application for 2018/19
Nov 17 (Fri) Application Deadline for online application
Nov 27 to 30 Interview Selected candidates invited for interview
Feb 2 (Fri) Release of Results Release of placement results
Feb 9 (Fri) Release of Results Deadline for acceptance and deposit payment



HSBC Overseas Scholarship

Local Hong Kong applicants are highly recommended to apply for HSBC Overseas Scholarship at the same time. For more information, please refer to the website HSBC Overseas Scholarship.