In view of the unprecedented impact brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is launching a 2020 Visiting Student Scheme to assist local students whose overseas study plan is affected.


Admissions Requirements

To qualify for admission as a 2020 visiting student at HKU, an applicant should have the educational standards in the English language and in the subjects of his or her choice which are considered adequate by the Head of the Department concerned. Students must also meet the HKU admission standard for their chosen discipline or programme in order to be eligible for the scheme.


Application Deadline

Fall 2020 (Semester 1, 2020-21): Jul 31, 2020 (CLOSED)



For relevant regulation, General Regulation G15, it can be found on this website.


Course Selection

Visiting students should select courses according to the regulations, procedures, and rules being laid down from time to time by the Faculty and the Department concerned. The number of courses selected should not normally exceed those offered to regular students of the University. More detailed information on the courses offered by the University is available on this website.


Credit Transfer

Applicants who are current students of other universities and who wish to seek credit transfer for the work done as visiting students of this University towards the qualification for which they are registered in their own university should produce evidence that their home university has approved the proposed courses of study.


Academic Transcript

Visiting students who have participated in the coursework may apply for a transcript of their academic record on completion of their studies in the University. Application form for transcript can be obtained from the Academic Services Office.



Visiting students generally have access to all the facilities provided for regular students, including health service, student counselling, physical education and recreation facilities and a Students’ Union to which a large number of clubs and societies are affiliated.


Application Procedures

Please click on each step for further details. 


Step 1 - Send the following information and documents to to initiate the application
  1. Last Name, First Name – Must be the same as Hong Kong ID card
  2. Email Address – This will be used as login account for application and it cannot be changed later
  3. Recent Academic Transcript – Issued by Home University or Secondary School 
  4. Admission Letter – Issued by Home University
  5. Academic Qualification – Predicted scores or actual results issued by International/National Examination Boards (if any)
  6. Proof of English Proficiency – Applicant should submit the proof of English proficiency as shown under Section C. English Language Requirement
  7. Preferred Faculty - Please check the Available Courses Offered by Faculties before making your decision.


Step 2 - Invitation to Online Application


You will be invited for online application after the documents are reviewed. Login credentials and instructions will be included in the invitation email. 


Please complete your online application on or before the application deadline. Otherwise, your application will not be processed.


Email address 

Make sure it is correct as we will contact you through the email used in your application.



Please include your full name as shown on your passport. In the case of a name with special characters, please enter your transliterated name with roman alphabets that appears in the machine readable lines at the bottom of your passport identification page.



Please provide your HKID number.



Only provide your 10-digit HKU Student ID Number if you have studied at HKU before. If you have never studied at HKU, please leave it blank. 



Step 3 - Supporting Documents Submission by Applicant


Please ensure that the following documents are uploaded to your online application:

  • Credit Card Payment Form or Receipt for Application Fee
  • Copy of your Hong Kong ID Card (one page only)
  • Curriculum vitae (for Faculty of Law applicants only)


Step 4 - Notification of Results & Acceptance Procedures


Students are required to complete the following steps to accept the offer.


Sign and submit your Notice of Admission

  • Students should check whether the information in the Notice of Admission is correct (e.g. name and period of registration)
  • Login to your online application account to accept / decline the offer and upload your signed Notice of Admission
  • Pay the full fees shown in the Notice of Admission before the given closing date
  • Send a copy of your signed Notice of Admission to your host faculty by email




For any questions, please send email to