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Key Semester Dates


HKU uses the semester system, Semester 1 (September to December) and Semester 2 (Mid-Jan to May).


Students may refer to the Academic Advising Office for Important Academic Dates and to plan for their studies in HKU.


Academic Year 2020-21



Course Load


  • Students are required to take 24 -30 credits (6 credits per course in general) for each semester.


  • 50% of the course load must be chosen from one Faculty (your intended host faculty). It is optional for students to take the remaining credits from other faculties.


  • Common Core courses will not count as part of the fulfillment of the 50% requirement of course enrollment for exchange students.


  • Except for the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), the minimum and maximum course load per semester are 6 and 30 credits respectively.  It is optional for students to take the remaining credits from other faculties. However, please ensure that at least 50% belongs to FBE.


  • Students admitted to Faculty of Law can choose no more than 6 credits of non-law course (i.e. 1 course) in each semester.  For more information, please refer to their website.


Course Information
  • All courses are taught in English, except courses offered by the School of Chinese.


  • The HKU credit system is based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) model. A semester of study in HKU and in an ECTS-compliant institution will be considered as equal in credit value under normal circumstances. The actual credit transfer of courses will be subject to the policies and procedures of your home institution. 


  • Students are recommended to check the course pre-requisites before selecting courses. 


  • Taught master-level programmes are generally not offered to exchange students. If you wish to conduct research under a supervisor, please contact Faculties to make appropriate arrangements. 


  • The approval of courses is on a case-by-case basis and subject to the Faculty's approval. Actual enrollment is subject to class availability, courses offered in the first semester, quota and class schedule. [The information is subject to change without prior notice]



Restricted Courses or Programmes


The following programmes / courses are NOT opened to exchange students:

  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
  • BSc (Exercise and Health) Programme
  • Most final year project courses provided by all faculties


Available Courses Offered by Faculties


The confirmed course list for each academic year will only be ready in early August. Please take reference from courses offered in the past academic year for your course study plan. 


For further information about the syllabuses of courses, please contact respective faculties/departments accordingly.



Available Courses

Faculty of Architecture


  • Faculty of Architecture has limited spots for accepting incoming exchange students. 


  • Application to the Faculty of Architecture would be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to whether the Faculty is included in student exchange programme agreement between HKU and the partner institution. 


  • Students should check with their home institution before the application period for whether they are eligible to apply for the Faculty.


Faculty of Architecture Course List 2019/20




Faculty of Arts




Comparative Literature / Fine Arts / History / Linguistics / Music / Philosophy


African Studies / Japanese Studies / Korean Studies American Studies / European Studies / Modern China Studies / Hong Kong Studies / Global Creative Industries and other Languages Studies including: Arabic / French German Greek Italian / Japanese Korean / Portuguese Spanish Swedish Thai   


Faculty of Arts Course List 2019/20




Faculty of Business and Economics


  • Courses offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) are highly competitive.


  • Students who are in their final year in particular, should note that course enrollment is NOT guaranteed.


  • Students who apply to FBE should have a grade level of B average / CGPA 3.0 / Satisfactory level.


  • Students should have already completed the course prerequisites before requesting to enroll in courses with pre- requirements (Co-registration e.g. taking Microeconomics I and II together in a semester is not allowed).


  • Economics and Finances courses highly emphasize mathematics.


FBE Preliminary Course list 2020/21

IMPORTANT: Course code with *** are only opened to students nominated under faculty-level agreement with Faculty of Business and Economics. Please check with your home university’s exchange coordinator on the agreement type before selecting these courses.





Faculty of Education



Faculty of Education Course List 2019/20




Faculty of Engineering








Faculty of Engineering Course List 2019/20




Faculty of Law


  • The standards for admission for exchange and visiting students are at least upper second-class honours (2:1) results (which converts to approximately a CGPA of 3.33). 


  • For exchange students whose host faculty will be Faculty of Law, please refer to their website for detailed course list. 


Faculty of Law Course List 2019/20




Faculty of Science








Faculty of Science Course List 2019/20




Faculty of

Social Sciences








Faculty of Social Sciences Course List 2019/20






Common Core Courses


Common Core courses will not count as part of the fulfillment of the 50% requirement of course enrollment for exchange students.


  • Subject to availability, Exchange/Visiting students may take up to two Common Core courses from a selective menu, each from a different Area of Inquiry (AoI) - Scientific and Technological Literacy, Humanities, Global Issues and China: Culture, State and Society.


  • Students should ensure that Common Core course selection does not violate the requirement of not taking more than one course from any Aol in an academic year. Otherwise, their enrollment will be disapproved by the system.



Course selection period (Semester 1 only)

  • During the course selection period, Common Core courses selections are time-stamped.


  • Course approval is on a first-come-first-serve basis


  • S