Short-term Abroad Opportunities (SAO) - Winter




The Fund for American Studies - Institute for Leadership in the Americas Chile

Korea University - International Winter Campus


Yonsei University - Winter Abroad at Yonsei


The Hong Kong - America Centre - United States - Mexico Border Study Through a Visit to the Border Wall U.S.A
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Winter Session U.S.A

Harvard College in Asia Programme* 


Harvard WorldMUN*


*For selected students only



Application Procedure


Registration is now closed.


  1. Submit your registration with IAO. This registration also serves as the application for IAO's financial assistance for short-term programmes.


  1. Supporting documents to be uploaded in application:
  • Official transcript / screen capture(s) of academic results from HKU Portal:
    • For non-first-year students: with your latest CGPA
    • For first-year students: with the list of courses you are taking
  • Admission confirmation from host institution


  1. You can open the application as soon as you plan to apply for a winter programme. The application can only be submitted and be processed for Short-term Abroad Scholarship or Allowance after you receive an admission offer from the host institution. Please refer to this page for the requirements and conditions of the financial assistance. 


  1. Apply with the host institution directly. Different institutions have different application procedures and deadlines. Please make sure you follow the application procedure of individual institution and complete their application. After receiving your admission, you can login back to the IAO system and complete your registration.


  1. Enjoy your short-term abroad experience!


Key Dates*



Deadline for registering with IAO


December 31, 2018


Release of IAO registration result


February 2019


Submission of programme report


Before February 28, 2019


Disbursement of Short-term Abroad Scholarship or Allowance 


April 2019


*Subject to changes - please refer to the latest updates on this page.



Important notes: Each programme will have different deadlines from host institution. Please refer to the programme page for the application deadlines from the host institution.