Incoming Exchange Programme 2019 - 20:



Nomination and Application Timeline:




(Semester 1 / Full Year Intake)


(Semester 2 Intake)

Nomination Start Date

Feb 15, 2019

Aug 01, 2019

Nomination Deadline

Mar 31, 2019

Sep 01, 2019

Application Start Date

Apr 01, 2019

Sep 02, 2019

Application Deadline

Apr 30, 2019

Sep 30, 2019



Entry Requirements


To apply for the exchange programme at HKU, you must meet the following criteria:



Entry requirements for specific faculties:


  • Faculty of Law applicants

Academic results: Must have at least upper second-class honours (2:1) results, which converts to a CGPA of approximately 3.33 or above on a 4.3 scale 

English Language Proficiency: Must meet TOEFL (iBT) 97 or IELTS 7.0 with no subtest below 6.5


  • Faculty of Business and Economics applicants

Academic results: Must have an average Grade B / CGPA 3.0 / Satisfactory level


Application Procedures:

Please click on each step for further details.


Step 1: Nomination by Home Institution

Step 2: Invitation to Online Application

Step 3: Submission of Application Documents

     Download Document Submission Checklist [HERE]

Step 4: Submission of Accommodation Application

Step 5: Acceptance of Exchange Offer





Step 1: Nomination by Home Institution


Before you start your application, please ensure that you


  • have fulfilled the entry requirements set by the faculties of HKU; and
  • are nominated by your home institution and your home institution has an exchange partnership with HKU. Please check with the exchange office of your home institution for further information.

Remarks: If your home institution is NOT an exchange partner with HKU, you may consider applying for the Visiting Student Programme. For details, please click here.





Step 2: Invitation to Online Application


After you are nominated by your home institution:


  • Invitation to application email will be sent to you on or after the application start date through the email address that is provided by the exchange office at your home institution.


  • The invitation email will provide you the link to online application along with your login details.


  • Please complete your online application and submit required documents as soon as possible. This is to ensure you receive your admission letter on time – around June for Semester 1 / Full Year Intake (September admission) and December for Semester 2 Intake (January admission).


Remarks: If you have NOT received the invitation email in the first week of the application period, please contact the exchange office of your home institution as soon as possible. 





Please make sure the following information is CORRECT in your application


  • Email address – Make sure it is correct as we will contact you through the email used in your application.


  • Name – Include your full name as shown on your Passport and contact us if it is incorrect. After we have received your completed online application, we will make amendments for you accordingly.


  • Passport Information – Please ensure the passport number provided is valid until the end of your proposed exchange period plus 6 months extra. Otherwise, you may not be granted a student visa.


  • HKU ID (if applicable only) – Only provide your 10-digit HKU Student ID Number if you have studied at HKU before. If you have never studied at HKU, please leave it blank


  • HKID (if applicable only) – Only provide your HKID number if you have Hong Kong Idenitiy Card.  If not, please leave it blank.







Step 3: Submission of Application Documents

Applicants are required to complete the online application along with required supporting documents.


A. Exchange Application Documents


Please read the Document Submission Checklist carefully and follow the instructions below.


NOTE: Delayed completion of your application will affect the screening process of your application and late submission will NOT be considered. Since Exchange Application Documents will be submitted to our online application system, hard copies are NOT required. We will communicate with you immediately if hard copies of the documents are specifically required by the host faculty.

1. Exchange coordinators at applicant’s home institution

Please verify and upload the below documents for your applicants: 


  • Official Transcript
  • Please include translation if it is NOT in English (Offical transcript with other languages will NOT be considered)
  • Online / unofficial academic results will NOT be accepted


  • Proof of English Language Proficiency

In order to be admitted into HKU exchange programme, applicants who are


(i) Non-native English Speakers - First language is NOT English / teaching medium in your home institution is NOT fully taught in English

  • Applicants MUST submit a recognised and valid English Language qualification to your exchange coordinator of your home institution.
  • The list of acceptable minimum qualifications is stated in Part C of HKU Admissions Standards for 2019 Intake. 

(International Qualifications and Qualifications of Specific Countries/Places included)

  • Your exchange coordinator will verify and upload your English language proof to your online application.
  • *Faculty of Law has higher requirement for English proficiency, applicants MUST meet the requirement of TOEFL (iBT) 97 or IELTS 7.0 with no subtest below 6.5.




(ii) Native English Speakers (first langauge is English) and/or the medium of instruction of their home institution is fully taught in English

  • Exchange coordinator of your home institution is required to sign and upload “English Language Proficiency Statement for Incoming Students” in applicants’ online application.
  • The statement template has been shared to our partner exchange coordinators.


Remarks: The University of Hong Kong reserves the right to ask for further proof of sufficient English language proficiency.


2. Applicants applying for exchange programme

Please submit and upload the following documents to your online application:  


  • Copy of the Personal Information Page of your passport (one page only)

  • Curriculum Vitae (applicable to Faculty of Law applicants only)




B. Visa Application Documents

For visa application, please check carefully and apply through ONE of the following office: 


  • China Affairs Office (CAO) For Mainland Chinese students and Chinese students from institutions outside China:

(1) Visit for further information.

(2) Submit online application via CAO.

(3) Mail a hard copy of your complete set of application documents to:

China Affairs Office
G/F, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre,
The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
RE: Visa Application - Exchange




  • Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) For Non-local students with nationalities other than Chinese / Chinese nationals with residency in overseas:

(1) Visit for further information.
(2) Submit online application via CEDARS.
(3) Mail a hard copy of the application documents to:

Centre of Development and Resources for Students
3/F, Meng Wah Complex
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
RE: Visa Application – Exchange





  • You must sign all documents in person. Printed or soft copies of signatures will NOT be accepted. You may also be requested to submit other supporting document(s), if required. 


  • Once you are admitted to the exchange programme, you can email the signed admission letter to CEDARS or CAO. Your visa application will be forwarded to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for processing, which normally takes 6-8 weeks.


  • Once your visa application is approved, CEDARS or CAO will send a visa label to you by courier. Please stick the visa label onto your passport and present it to the Immigration Officer upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport.





 Step 4: Submission of Accommodation Application


Please apply for accommodation with your 10-digit application number through CEDARS at Accommodation for Newly-admitted Non-local Undergraduate Students, the application schedule is as follows: 




(Semester 1 / Full Year Intake)


(Semester 2 Intake)


Application Start Date

(Subject to further announcement)

May 08, 2019 (tentative)

From Oct 2019



Result Announcement


Mid-Jul – Aug, 2019

Mid-Nov – Dec, 2019





  • The competition for halls at HKU is keen, please apply for accomodation as soon as possible. You are allowed to apply for accommodation before receivng the offer of admission, as per the application schedule above. 


  • After you have been admitted to HKU exchange programme, CEDARS will continue to process your hall application upon the receipt of your duly signed admission letter.


  • If you are admitted as a postgraduate exchange student (indicated in your admission letter), please apply via instead. Please send a copy of your signed admission letter to individual halls you have applied through email.


  • CEDARS will inform you the accommodation results through email.  If you are offered a place in any of the halls, you are required to send a confirmation email to the hall manager indicating whether you wish to accept the offer and the check-in date.


  • The offer will be withdrawn automatically if no acceptance / response is received from you. You are therefore reminded to ensure that we have your most current email address as contact and to check your email regularly during the above periods.


For accommodation application enquiries, please contact CEDARS Accommodation at





 Step 5: Acceptance of Exchange Offer


After the application deadline, your proposed faculty will recieve your application along with the supporting documents and review on your application. 


Exchange offers will be released by email in accordance to the following timeframe:




(Semester 1 / Full Year Intake)


(Semester 2 Intake)

Application Result Release

Jun –  Jul, 2019

Nov –  Dec, 2019


Upon receiving your Offer / Admission Letter:


  • Please print and sign your admission letter and follow the instructions in the email to confirm your acceptance through our online system.


  • You are also required to forward your signed admission letter to the faculty, accommodation office and visa office for their further processing.