Incoming Exchange Programme 2019 - 20:


Nomination & Application Timeline:


Before Applying

Check your Eligibility


Click to Download HKU Information Sheet


To apply for the exchange programme at HKU, you must meet the following criteria:


  • Home institution has an exchange partnership with HKU, you may check with the exchange office of your home institution for further information.

(Remarks: If your home institution is NOT an exchange partner with HKU, you may consider applying for the Visiting Student Programme.)


  • Completed a minimum of ONE year of university-level study by the time you start at HKU



  • Officially nominated by Home Institution 


  • Qualified for specific entry requirements set by the faculties of HKU:


Faculty of Law applicants

Academic results: Must have at least upper second-class honours (2:1) results, which converts to a CGPA of approximately 3.33 or above on a 4.3 scale 

English Language Proficiency: Must meet TOEFL (iBT) 97 or IELTS 7.0 with no subtest below 6.5


Faculty of Business and Economics applicants

Academic results: Must have an average Grade B / CGPA 3.0 / Satisfactory level





Application Procedures

Click on each step for further instructions.

To complete the exchange application, students are reminded to complete Steps 2.1 - 2.3 at the same time. 

Step 1 - Online Nomination by Home Institution


Nomination Procedures



  • Exchange Coordinator MUST verify and upload the below documents during online nomination. Otherwise, the nomination will not be processed. 


(1) Official Transcript

  • Official transcript in English (Transcript in other languages MUST include English translation)

  • Online / unofficial academic results will NOT be accepted


(2) English Language Proficiency Proof

Please read the following document carefully on the requirements for both Native and Non-native English Speakers.

English Language Proficiency Proof Requirements 




Step 2.1 - Invitation to Student Exchange Online Application

Key stages of Online Incoming Exchange Application:





Invitation to Online Application


  • After nomination by your Home Institution, you will receive an invitation to online application email from our office. 


  • You are advised to read the below Document Submission Checklist before starting your application.

Click to Download Document Submission Checklist


  • Please complete your application as soon as possible, no later than the application deadline.


  • Delayed completion of your application will affect the screening process of your application and late submission will NOT be considered. 



Points to Note in Online Application


Personal Information


  • Email address 

 Make sure it is correct as we will contact you through the email used in your application.



  • Name 

Please include your full name as shown on your passport. In the case of a name with special characters, please enter your transliterated name with roman alphabets that appears in the machine readable lines (please see the passport sample below) at the bottom of your passport identification page.



Note: Names containing special characters (e.g. numbers, symbols, punctuation, diacritical characters and accent characters) could not be processed due to IT considerations.


  • Passport Information 

Your passport provided must remain valid until the end of your proposed exchange period plus 6 extra months. Otherwise, you may not be granted a student visa.


  • HKU ID (if applicable only) 

Only provide your 10-digit HKU Student ID Number if you have studied at HKU before. If you have never studied at HKU, please leave it blank


  • HKID (if applicable only)

Only provide your HKID number if you have Hong Kong Idenitiy Card.  If not, please leave it blank.




What is Proposed Study Plan at HKU?

  • Proposed study plan is only a preliminary course plan for the faculty’s review of your application, you are not enrolled to these courses.


  • Students still required to enroll in courses during the Course Enrollment Period in the beginning of semesters.


  • Courses can be found on Available Courses page. With reference to courses offered in the past academic year, please enter valid course code in your online application. (Courses for the next academic year will only be ready by late August - summer of previous academic year)


  • If certain course codes are invalid or could be found in our system, it means that they are currently unavailable/subject to change. 


[The information is subject to change without prior notice]



What to include in Personal Statement?

  • You may wish to explain why you are interested in the exchange programme, and why you chose HKU as the host institution. 
  • There is no word limit for the Personal Statement.



Please be reminded to complete your visa application and accommodation application at the same time!



Step 2.2 - Visa Application 


Please apply Visa through ONE of the following office after completing your exchange application.


  • China Affairs Office (CAO)

For Mainland Chinese students and Chinese students from institutions outside China

Application Webpage:


Mailing Address: China Affairs Office
G/F, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre,
The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
RE: Visa Application - Exchange


  • Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) 

For Non-local students with nationalities other than Chinese / Chinese nationals with residency in overseas

Application Webpage:


Mailing Address: Centre of Development and Resources for Students
3/F, Meng Wah Complex
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
RE: Visa Application – Exchange


General Visa Application Guideline


  1. Complete online visa application through the webpage of corresponding office. You may be asked to submit Notice of Admission (Admission Letter) during your application. You DO NOT need to submit an Admission Letter at this stage. Please select "No" for "Received the Notice of Admission" (CEDARS visa application) or upload a blank paper to the application (CAO Application)
  2. Mail the complete set of visa application document in HARD COPY to corresponding visa offices (Do not mail to International Affairs Office). Applicants must sign all documents with hand-written signature (hard copy or soft copied signatures are unacceptable). You may also be requested to submit other supporting document(s), if required. 
  3. Upon receiving the Admission Letter, please submit the signed letters to the visa offices (CEDARS or CAO) by email for their further processing. Your Visa application will be forwarded to the Hong Kong Immigration Department and will take at least 8 to 10 weeks processing time.
  4. Once your visa application is approved, CEDARS or CAO will send a visa label to you by courier. You must stick the visa label onto your passport and present it to the Immigration Officer upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport.


For enquiries on visa application, please visit CEDARS Visa Matters FAQ or CAO Visa FAQ. You may also contact relevant visa offices through email. 



Step 2.3 - Online Accommodation Application

Please apply for Accommodation online through CEDARS Accommodation Office. 


Undergraduate Exchange Students

Application Webpage: Accommodation for Newly-admitted Non-local Undergraduate Students 

(Apply with the 10-digit Exchange Application Reference Number)



Postgraduate Exchange Student 

(indicated in your admission letter)

Application Webpage:  

After receiving your admission letter, please send a copy of the signed admission letter to individual halls you have applied through email.



CEDARS Accommodation Application Schedule is as follows:



(Semester 1 / Full Year Intake)


(Semester 2 Intake)


Application Start Date

(Subject to further announcement)

May 08, 2019

Starts at 10am (Hong Kong Time)

From Oct 2019



Result Announcement


Mid-Jul – Aug, 2019

Mid-Nov – Dec, 2019



Points to Note

For accommodation application enquiries, please contact CEDARS Accommodation at


  • The competition for halls at HKU is keen, please apply for accommodation as soon as possible (first-come-first-serve basis). You are allowed to apply for accommodation before receiving the Notice of Admission (Admission Letter). 


  • Upon receiving Admission Letter, please send a soft copy of the signed Admission Letter to CEDARS by email for their further processing of your accommodation application. 


  • CEDARS will inform you the accommodation results through email.  If you are offered a place in any of the halls, you are required to send a confirmation email to the hall manager indicating whether you wish to accept the offer and the check-in date.


  • The offer will be withdrawn automatically if NO acceptance / response is received from you. You are therefore reminded to ensure that we have your most current email address as contact and to check your email regularly during the above periods.




After Applying

Acceptance to HKU


I have completed my student exchange online application, what's next?

  • After the application deadline, your application will undergo review by your proposed faculty.
  • The processing of your application will take up to 1.5 months.  
  • Results Annoucement and Admission Letter will be released by email. Please check the Application Results Release date as follows:




(Semester 1 / Full Year Intake)


(Semester 2 Intake)

Application Result Release

Jun –  Jul, 2019

Nov –  Dec, 2019



How do I accept my offer after receiving the Admission Letter?


Step 1: Sign and submit your Admission Letter 

  • Please check whether the information in your admission letter, including your name and period of registration, is correct.
  • Login to your online application account to accept / decline the offer and upload your signed Admission Letter
  • Send a copy of your signed Admission Letter to your host faculty by email


Step 2: Secure your Visa Application


Step 3: Secure your Accommodation Application

  • Send a copy of your signed Admission Letter to CEDARS Accommodation Office to further process your accommodation application.
  • Application results will be sent by CEDARS through email.
  • If you are offered a place in any halls, please send a confirmation email to the hall manager to accept the offer and the check-in date.  The offer will be withdrawn if no response has been received.


Arrival AdvicePlease click on to this page to learn what should you prepare before arriving Hong Kong and HKU!