Incoming Exchange Application 2020-21 Schedule



Application Procedures

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Step 1 - Check Entry Requirements


To apply for the exchange programme at HKU, students must meet the following entry requirements.

  • Student is successfully nominated by their home institution

(If student’s home institution is not an exchange partner with HKU, student may consider applying for Visiting Student Programme)

  • Student has undertaken a minimum of one-year university level study by the time they begin their exchange studies at HKU
  • Both Native and Non-native English Speakers must provide valid and acceptable English Proficiency Proof
  • Students should meet higher entry requirements if they are applying for the below faculties:



Step 2 - Online Exchange Application

Key stages of Online Incoming Exchange Application:



Invitation to Online Application

  • Students will be invited for Online Exchange Application through email from application start date onwards.
  • They are advised to complete online application no later than the application deadline. Late submission will not be processed. 



Start Online Application


  • Information on Proposed Study Plan at HKU
    • It is only a preliminary course plan for host faculties to review student’s application, students are not enrolled to those courses.
    • Students must enrol courses online during the course selection period or Add/drop period in the beginning of semesters
    • Courses options can be found on Academic Information > Available Courses offered by Faculties
    • If certain course codes are invalid in our system, this means that they are currently unavailable/subject to change. 


  • Requirements on Personal Statement
    • Students may wish to explain why they are interested in the exchange programme, and why they have chosen HKU as host institution. 
    • There is no word limit for the Personal Statement.



Uploading Supporting Documents

Please note that some documents must be uploaded by home institution and students respectively.


Supporting Documents

  Document Requirements

 Uploaded by


Academic Transcript

  • Academic transcript must be official and in English
  • Online / unofficial academic results will not be accepted
  • Include English translation if transcript is in other languages

Home institution


Proficiency Proof

Home institution

Copy of Passport

  • Personal information page must be clearly visible (including machine readable lines)
  • Passport must remain valid until the end of your proposed exchange period with 6 extra months


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Only applicable to Faculty of Law applicants























Application Processing Time

  • After the application deadline, students’ application will undergo review by proposed faculty.
  • The processing of application is on rolling basis and will take up to 1.5 months. Students may refer to Exchange Application Schedule (top of the page) for details.  
  • Results announcement/Notice of Admission will be released by email.
  •  Students are reminded to check their emails regularly during the period.

For exchange application enquiries, students may refer to our FAQ page for information.


Step 3 - Visa Application


Visa application steps BEFORE receiving Notice of Admission

  • Students must complete online visa application by the visa application deadline and send hard copies of application documents after receiving instructions. [Please do not mail the visa application to International Affairs Office]


  • Please note that it will take at least 10 weeks to process student’s visa application and the visa application fee is non-refundable.


  • During visa application, students will be asked to submit Notice of Admission. Please note that students do not need to submit Notice of Admission at application stage.


  • Applicants must sign all documents with hand-written signature (Photocopies or electronic signatures are unacceptable)



Visa application steps AFTER receiving Notice of Admission

  • After receiving the Notice of Admission, students should submit the signed letter to the designated email for further processing.


  • Visa application will be forwarded to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for handling. Once student’s visa application is approved, the visa label will be sent to student by courier. 


  • Students must stick the visa label onto their passport and present it to the Immigration Officer to activate it upon arrival.


For enquiries on visa application, please contact the visa office through email. 




Step 4 - Accommodation Application

Please refer to Accommodation Information from Cedars Accommodation Office. Students should make application online through CEDARS (with 10-digit exchange application reference number) on or before the accommodation applicaiton deadline. 


 Important Points to Note

  • Due to shortage in housing resources, students are suggested to apply for accommodation as soon as possible. The allocation of housing is subject to availability.

  • Students are allowed to apply for accommodation before receiving the Notice of Admission. 

  • Upon receiving Notice of Admission, students should send a copy of the signed letter to CEDARS by email for their further processing of the application. 

  • Accommodation results will be announced through email. Student who has received offer should send a confirmation email to respective hall manager to accept the offer and indicate the check-in date.  The offer will be withdrawn if no response has been received.


For accommodation application enquiries, please refer to our FAQ or contact CEDARS Accommodation at


Step 5 - Acceptance Procedures


After receiving Notice of Admission, students are required to complete the following steps to accept the offer.


1. Sign and submit Notice of Admission

  • Students should check whether the information in the Notice of Admission is correct (e.g. name and period of registration)
  • Login to online application account to accept / decline the offer and upload the signed Notice of Admission
  • Send a copy of the signed Notice of Admission to host faculty by email


2. Secure Visa Application

  • Send a copy of the signed Notice of Admission to visa office to proceed with visa application


3. Secure Accommodation Application

  • Send a copy of the signed Notice of Admission to CEDARS Accommodation at to further process the accommodation application.
  • Student who has received offer should send a confirmation email to respective hall manager to accept the offer and indicate the check-in date.  The offer will be withdrawn if no response has been received.


Arrival Advice & Important Information


Please click the following links to learn what to prepare before arriving HKU.