HKU strongly emphasises whole-person education. Our mission is to produce graduates of distinction who are committed to lifelong learning, integrity and professionalism, and who can be responsive leaders and communicators in their fields.

We believe university education should be a total learning experience. Our programmes and teaching philosophy enable us to nurture informed, rounded students who are ready to meet the challenges of a globalised, knowledge-based economy. Students are encouraged not only to embrace their studies but also to explore the wide range of extracurricular activities the University offers, from internships to international exchange programmes.

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Flexible Curriculum

The University aspires to the highest standards of teaching and learning, and sees its students as important partners in that process. The undergraduate curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility, so you can tailor your own academic programme. Extensive guidance is of course available from faculty members to students who need advice to navigate between the many options available.

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Research Opportunities

Student life isn't just about learning in class: undergraduates have the chance to undertake their own original research through HKU's Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme, while some faculties also offer them the chance to assist faculty members' research through the Student Researcher Scheme.

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Study Abroad Opportunities

As well as academic excellence, we also seek to instil in our students the knowledge, skills and values needed to be effective citizens of today's globalised world. With that in mind, HKU offers a myriad of off-campus learning opportunities, including overseas internships, exchanges and summer school programmes.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and it's one that the University actively encourages. Please check the International Affairs Office website for more information about opportunities to study abroad.

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Internships are are a useful way to help you stand out early in your career. They can help you develop a better understanding of what it's actually like to work in a particular job, and can also help you build professional networks. Students at HKU can pursue various internship opportunities, which are regularly advertised on faculty websites, and can also get training to help them secure their dream job in classes and seminars offered by CEDARS Career and Placement.

Career Development

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Service Learning

Service is a core value of HKU, and was one of the main themes of our centennial celebrations in 2011-12. We try to help our students gain an understanding of social issues through first-hand experience in local organisations, and encourage them to turn the skills they learn there to practical use with training platforms about applying those skills in their working lives. There are also opportunities to take part in projects abroad, from helping orphans with Aids in Ghana to teaching English in rural areas of India to helping to set up microcredit schemes for landmine survivors in Cambodia.

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Residential Hall Life

Halls of Residence are more than just a place to sleep – they form part of a long tradition at the University and are as important to your overall education as your studies. Hall life teaches students to be independent, and gives them the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds under one roof.

HKU has 17 residential halls and residential colleges where undergraduates can experience this important part of university life, including our largest and newest addition, the four colleges of Jockey Club Student Village III. Each hall has its own history and culture, and students find that as they make new friends there and develop a sense of belonging, it becomes a home away from home.

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