As well as academic excellence, we also seek to instil in our students the knowledge, skills and values needed to be effective citizens of today's globalised world. With that in mind, HKU offers a myriad of off-campus learning opportunities, including overseas internships, exchanges and summer school programmes.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and it's one that the University actively encourages. Please check the International Affairs Office (IAO) website for more information about opportunities to study abroad.

Short-term Abroad Partnerships

Through Study Abroad Partnerships (SAP), students can enrol in short-term programmes at renowned universities in Australia, Europe, Korea, UK and USA for intensive study and research, or undertake internship in vibrant overseas city to gain practical work skills. For details, click here.


The HKU Worldwide Exchange Programme gives students a chance to go on either a full-year or a short-term exchange; they can choose from a network of 365 overseas universities, including many of the best in the world. With careful planning, students can still complete a full programme of study and graduate from HKU on time while also getting an unforgettable international experience.