Research Opportunities

Student life isn't just about learning in class: undergraduates have the chance to undertake their own original research through HKU's Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme, while some faculties also offer them the chance to assist faculty members' research through the Student Researcher Scheme.

Young Scientist Scheme

Early research experiences for outstanding students in 6901 BSc

Students in YSS are guaranteed with:
• Summer Research Fellowship (SRF)
• A further SRF or Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF)
• International exchange study
• international scientific conference
• Research mentor
• Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar
• Entrance scholarship
• Stipends for research programmes

• Automatic for JUPAS students with best 5 HKDSE (Category A subjects and M1/M2) score 31 or above
• Selected Non-JUPAS students
• Other students not accepted to YSS can still compete for the SRF, ORF and/or international exchange during their study

YSS participants are guaranteed to go on exchange in one of the following universities:

North America
• University of California at Berkeley
• University of California at Los Angeles
• University of Chicago
• Columbia University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Stanford University
• Yale University
• University of Cambridge
• Imperial College London
• University of Oxford

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Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme


Research Opportunities

At HKU, we want to nurture the next generation of researchers and scholars. The Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme means that outstanding students don't need to wait until their post-graduate studies in order to do so, offering them the chance to conduct original research under the supervision of experienced academics.