Internships are are a useful way to help you stand out early in your career. They can help you develop a better understanding of what it's actually like to work in a particular job, and can also help you build professional networks. Students at HKU can pursue various internship opportunities, which are regularly advertised on faculty websites, and can also get training to help them secure their dream job in classes and seminars offered by CEDARS Career and Placement.

Internship opportunities - Hong Kong
Internship opportunities - Mainland China
Internship opportunities - Overseas
Engaging With China

Those who are keen to explore internship opportunities in Asia can join one of HKU’s Asia-focused initiatives, such as the Learn, Live and Intern in Asia (LLIA) Programme. This programme is designed to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the fastest-growing economic and business environments in the world through an in-depth exploration of Asia and Mainland China markets by having guest talks and firm visits with senior management of leading companies in Hong Kong.

Career and Placement

CEDARS Careers and Placement provides students with information about numerous current internship opportunities. They serve as a platform with all-round, high quality co-curricular programmes and placement resources, including:

  • One-on-one career advising (career planning, CV review, mock interview)
  • Recruitment talks and careers fairs
  • Job posting and application platform
  • Faculty-based Professional Preparation Programme
  • Selection exercise and career preparation training
  • Industry collaboration events
  • Hong Kong, mainland and overseas internships
  • Entrepreneurship education and support
  • Graduate employment survey