The University aspires to the highest standards of teaching and learning, and sees its students as important partners in that process. The undergraduate curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility, so you can tailor your own academic programme. Extensive guidance is of course available from faculty members to students who need advice to navigate between the many options available.

A Transformative Undergraduate Curriculum

HKU’s four-year undergraduate curriculum provides flexibility: with advice from academic staff, you can devise your own combination of disciplinary majors, minors and electives both within and outside your home faculty. In addition to these discipline-specific studies, students are encouraged to explore issues of fundamental importance to all human societies through the Common Core courses. It also provides opportunities for diverse learning experiences such as overseas exchange, internship, and real-life projects in and outside Hong Kong. For details, please click here.

General Education Team of CEDARS (CEDARS-GE)

General Education Team of CEDARS (CEDARS-GE) is committed to providing whole-person education and cultivating among students the breadth of knowledge, competencies, and qualities with which possession they can consider themselves (and be considered) as educated individuals. The University believes that general education has to be based on awakening students' intrinsic motivation or inner drive to learn and to learn how to learn.

In each academic year, CEDARS-GE offers more than 40 non-credit bearing courses and programmes, in which prominent scholars, community leaders, and individuals with outstanding achievement in various sectors are invited to run courses and share insights with students. Happy 2gether programmes, including Happy Thursday – Tea from Around the World, and Global Kitchen, allows students with different nationalities mingle and learn other cultures. F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) supports students’ creative projects and enriches campus life and learning with more intimate and interactive encounters of arts and culture. Green lovers can join the Rooftop Farming Project and Herb Garden, and learn to grow organic vegetables on campus. Besides, the Gatherland is a cosy place for student activities while students can join our GEST (GE Student Team) to create something new with CEDARS-GE.

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Please check out the GE programme booklet and the enrolment dates in the new semesters.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a distinctive element of HKU's undergraduate curriculum. It takes learning outside the traditional boundary of the classroom. Students have to identify problems, communicate and negotiate with others to find solutions and make decisions in real-life settings. In this process, they make sense of the theoretical knowledge that they are studying and see things in a different light. The Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre (GHELC) supports and funds experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students from all Faculties.  Both academic staff and students may organize educationally meaningful experiential learning opportunities and apply for funding from the Centre.  For details, please go to