Our goal is to provide the best possible channels enabling local secondary school students to experience the diverse fields of studies at HKU, grasp the latest updates on the programmes and career prospects and have a taste of the unique culture and student life at HKU.

Activities and programmes like "HKU Taster", "Summer Programme", "Academy for the Talented", etc. are also our initiatives to bridge the communications between the University and local secondary schools. Please click here for update events and activities available for the school community.

HKU Taster Programme

The Taster Day programme, which was first launched in 2014, aims to offer local junior secondary students an exciting taste of the unique energy of HKU campus life. Students have the chance to learn from HKU's friendly and knowledgeable professors and experience a range of interesting workshops.

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HKU Summer Institute for Secondary School Students

HKU Summer Institute for Secondary School Students offers a wide range of courses for both local and non-local students, who are keen to pursue a study at HKU, have a taste of world-class university life and the unique culture of the University.

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Academy for the Talented

The Academy for the Talented (the Academy) is a programme that brings together talented young students from around the world to develop their intellectual potential and offer them new challenges to stimulate their interest in learning at university.

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