Winni Choi
Winni Choi
Hong Kong S.A.R., ChinaHK
BBA(Law) & LLB
Memories take us back; Dreams take us forward.

Academically speaking, the programme which I would like to pursue, i.e. the combination of business and law, is provided by very limited institutions while HKU being one of them. The programme has been well structured and prestigious in terms of the quality of teaching and career prospect. HKU, with a long history, has been hailed as a top university worldwide and undoubtedly outstands in academic calibre.

Not solely hinges on academic aspect, HKU’s strong international cultural atmosphere also appeals to me. There has been an array of extra-curricular activities provided in HKU which advocate multi-cultural interactions and expand students’ horizons.

I would use "fruitful" and "enriching" to describe my university life in HKU. I used to be an introverted and passive girl, yet during my first year, I tried to step out of my comfort zone. I lived in a residential hall (Lady Ho Tung Hall), became a committee member of the BLaw Committee, joined an academic tour to Europe, took part in a case competition, had two internships and helped out in Information Day, orientation series and Registration Day.

Memories take us back; Dreams take us forward. I believe experience in HKU has brought me a lot of precious memories, while it does cultivate many people’s dreams. HKU is a platform full of opportunities, just whether we can discover seize them. I genuinely appreciate that there are kaleidoscopic variety of activities and channels for students to learn, to develop potential and to showcase their talents. To me, I have accepted new challenges and tried to exploit my potential in different aspect in such a large platform in HKU.