Chloe Tsang
Chloe Tsang
Hong Kong S.A.R., ChinaHK
Bachelor of Nursing
To give and serve

As far as I know, there are not many universities that offer Nursing programmes, and I believe, HKU is undoubtedly one of the best universities, in terms of the numerous resources provided and the academic excellence of the teaching team. Apart from that, HKU provides us with adequate opportunities of a variety of activities and exchanges to broaden our horizons, equip ourselves with unique experiences, and understand our identity and explore our future paths within the year of studies. Besides, I would like to get in touched with different cultures and different people from around the world in my years in university and HKU can surely offer me such chances.

I am a member of Union Choir, HKUSU. Union Choir has offered me with a lot of performing opportunities in different occasions including HKUSU Inauguration, HKU Inauguration for freshmen, Anniversary Concerts, Christmas Carolling etc. One of the highlight is performing in HKU Inauguration for freshmen. Standing on the stage of the Grand Hall, it was simply touching witnessing the moment of the “Green Gown Ceremony”. Commenced by the Chancellor, it indicates the identity of a HKU student after putting on the Green Gown. The auditorium is turned from white (colour of suits) to green (colour of Green Gown) as we welcome a new batch of students joining the big family of HKU. Another highlight would be a performance trip to the Peking and Tsing Wah University. It was such an unique opportunity to be the guest performer in a joint performance with the renowned universities in Beijing and Taiwan. It was not often to have an occasion for music exchange!

Being a student ambassador of HKU would be one of my highlighted experience in HKU. In the programme, I can meet people from different specialties and different parts of the world, and I have really learnt a lot by chatting with them. Whether it is about being a helper of an event, being “Joma” for One Night Stay in DSE Mentorship Programme, or student ambassador for WOW (weeks of welcome) for non-local students, I am trying, learning and gaining new abilities every time. I am delighted to see myself being braver to step out from my small comfort circle and being more confident in adapting new environment.