Asta Fan
Asta Fan
Hong Kong S.A.R., ChinaHK
BSS (Govt&Laws) & LLB
Global Citizenship

HKU life has been vibrant and fruitful for me. I am able to continue to develop my interest and also tries different new things. Moments like rehearsal outside the Grand Hall, dancing until midnight at KK Leung Concourse and wake up at 6 a.m. to play hockey are unforgettable part of my HKU life.

I find the classes and professors in HKU professional. They have always raised interesting and inspirational questions which I think we have the responsibility to think of, for example, what justice is and why we obey rules. At the same time, they have given us enough freedom in searching and using the mode of learning which best suits us.

Last summer, I have taken the Global Citizenship program, Glocal Solution held by the Social Sciences faculty to go to Vietnam to work for World Vision. In Vietnam, we have built a toilet for a junior secondary school and taught the students there English and Computer skills. We have also helped World Vision to conduct a need analysis for the future planning. Originally I sometimes queries about how much we can do for a poor community which miles away as a student. However, after the trip, I am convinced that we can bring hope and a global vision to the local students there and encouraged them to learn and work hard. This also encourages me to think of how we can make the world better.