The HKU Taster Day programme, which was first launched in 2014, aims to offer local junior secondary students an exciting taste of the unique energy of HKU campus life. Students have the chance to learn from HKU's friendly and knowledgeable professors and experience a range of interesting workshops.

A virtual Three-day programme offering junior secondary school students a splendid array of faculty-based activities. Grasp this opportunity to experience the dynamic vibrancy of HKU and stimulate all your sensations!

Dates:  December 28,29,30 2020 (Monday & Tuesday&Wednesday)
Level: S2-4
Workshops offered by:

* Faculty of Architecture
* Faculty of Education: Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences
* Faculty of Engineering (Co-organized with Innovation Academy, HKU)
* HKU Business School
* Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

*Ricci Hall 

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese / English
Method: Online
Programme Fee: HK $ 1,200
Application Fee:  HK $ 50
Application Date: October 31, 2020
Application Deadline: November 29, 2020

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Disclaimer: Programme contents are subject to change without prior notice.
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1. Starting from February 1st, 2018, there will be an application fee charged to all applications to HKU Taster programmes.
2. Application fee and Programme fee are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
3. Selection is based on the academic and non-academic achievement of the applicants.
4. Successful applicants will receive a notification by Email with payment instruction no later than Decebmer 6,2020. Please arrange payment 1 day after you have received the notification.
5. Confirmation letter with registration location will be sent to each successful applicant within two weeks after payment is completed.

1. Register at
2.  (Please choose “Secondary School” in Level of Study)
3. Activate the account by clicking the link on the confirmation email
4. Login to your account and complete the following information:
a. Personal Information
b. Academic Qualifications
c. Awards & Scholarships
5. Select  “HKU Taster @ Christmas 2020”  at “Course Selection”
6. Upload the supporting documents*:
a. HKID/Passport
b. Most recent academic transcript
7. Review the application and settle the application fee of HK$50 (non-refundable and transferable) to complete the application.
*All documents should be uploaded in PDF or JPG format and the maximum upload size of each file cannot exceed 1MB. All file names must be in English.

HKU Taster Programme runs 3 times a year: Christmas, Easter and Summer. Thru these 3 HKU Taster programmes, students will be able to have a taste and a glimpse of what different Faculties of HKU have to offer through interactive workshops and intellectually challenging lectures.

In each HKU Taster programme, students will have a chance to experience some of the learning in each of the facutlies listed on the leaflets, usually up to 4 per programme.

We aim to enable students to making informed decisions on their programme choices through hands-on experience in their faculties of interest. It is our objective that it will help students to streamline their choices step by step, singling out few focused faculties further developing in their fields of interest

The programmes will consist of a rotation of all workshops/lectures from the featured faculties listed on the leaflet.

We encourage our students to participate as many HKU taster programmes as they like since each HKU Taster is hosted by different faculties.

HKU Taster@Christmas 2018

Our souvenir to all happy faces in HKU Taster@ Christmas 2018~

Wherever life's journey takes you, these little memories and friends you have will never be replaced!

Watch the video here