About HKU Taster Junior

Over the years, HKU Taster has stimulated and cultivated numerous students' interest in various academic fields through a mosaic of intriguing workshops and thought-provoking classes. HKU believes that, in order to foster students'interest and passion, early education plays a vital role in their developmental period, hence developed the HKU Taster Junior programme.

HKU Taster Junior programmes are tailored to intellectually curious children and aim to stimulate and develop a strong interest in learning at an early age. Through a series of carefully crafted workshops, together with intellectually stimulating materials, students will have the chance to broaden their horizons and explore their fields of interest. HKU Taster Junior hopes that each student will return home with a fresh enthusiasm and excitement for every opportunity to learn.

Programme Highlights:

1. Team Up
HKU Taster Junior @ Team Up encourages students to explore the fields of chemistry and physics through explosion experiments and catapult building, whilst integrating a bouncy ball making session that adds in artistic element.

2. Architectural Wonders
HKU Taster Junior @ Architectural Wonders aims to strengthen students’ interest in areas of architecture
and engineering through a guided heritage tour in HKU, together with structural model and cable-stayed bridge making.

Date & Time:
Based on request

2 hours

Primary 4 - Primary 6
*Only kids aged 9 to 11 are eligible*

Medium of Instruction:

Programme Fee:
HKD250 per applicant

Registration Method:
Please complete the Application Form and send it to our email: hkutaster@hku.hk or call 3917 5100 for enquiries.
*Only accept applications from schools*

Application Form:
Click here

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