Entrance Scholarships for JUPAS Students (2018 Admissions)

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) established the "President's Scholar Scheme" in recognition of students' outstanding achievements in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) and other public examinations since 2016. President's Scholars will receive scholarships to cover annual tuition fee and to support their overseas learning opportunity at top universities in the world.

This year (2018), top scorers admitted to HKU with level 5** in seven or more subjects in HKDSE will be honoured as the "President's Scholars". The award details are set out below:

Category Award
Level 5** in 7 or more subjects

Honoured as "President's Scholar";

  • Entrance scholarship to cover the annual tuition fee ($42,100), renewable1; and
  • A one-off scholarship up to $200,0002 to support a study abroad opportunity3 at top overseas universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, etc.;

The President's Scholars will also be selected as HKU Student Ambassadors and representing HKU to participate in ceremonies, conferences and seminars.  These occasions allow students to expand their networks as well as develop their interpersonal skills.

Category Award
Level 5** in 6 subjects

Honoured as "Dean's Scholar"

  • Entrance scholarship to cover the annual tuition fee ($42,100), renewable1; and
  • A one-off scholarship up to $12,0002 to support a study abroad opportunity3at a partner institution in Europe or North America.
Level 5** in 5 subjects
  • Entrance scholarship to cover half of the annual tuition fee ($21,050), renewable1.

In addition to the above entrance scholarships, HKU offers up to $130 million bursaries and scholarships to all eligible students under over 700 scholarships and bursaries.  These aim to build students' interdisciplinary knowledge base, advocate experiential learning, and free needy students from financial constraints during their studies at the University.


  1. Renewal of tuition fee scholarship awards is subject to satisfactory academic performance.
  2. The scholarship value shall follow the approved scholarship scale and correspond to the study abroad opportunity to which you are accepted.  If other funding / scholarships are made available to support the study abroad opportunity, only the funding/scholarship with the highest amount will apply.
  3. Participation in study abroad opportunity is subject to an academic requirement and may involve panel interviews.  The final decision is made by the host university.


  1. The HKDSE examination results are based on 2018 only and in one sitting.  Achievement in Mathematics Extended Part is accepted in lieu of Mathematics Compulsory Part.  Students must be non-HKDSE repeaters.  To be eligible for the scholarship awards, students must fulfil the minimum University entrance requirements.
  2. Study Abroad opportunity is referring to programmes administered by the International Affairs Office: Worldwide Plus Visiting Programme I, Worldwide Plus Visiting Programme II, Short-term Abroad Programme, HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme, and Faculty-level Exchange Programme.  The International Affairs Office’s prevailing policy and regulations on study abroad opportunities apply.
  3. Students are also eligible to apply for other scholarships after admission to the University, subject to a maximum yearly amount stipulated by the Senate.