About University Collaborative Programmes 

HKU has partnered with leading international universities around the world to give opportunities for students to experience different learning environments and cultures, while pursuing two degrees. 

Mainland China

HKU-Peking University Dual Degree Programme in Law*

This dual degree integrates the strengths of two top law schools in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Students who complete this five-year programme will get two degrees from two world-leading universities.

*Pending approval

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United States

HKU-University of California, Berkeley Dual Degree Programme

The dual degree programme between HKU and Berkeley offers students a cross-cultural and transpacific undergraduate learning experience. You will get two degrees from two world-leading universities upon completion of the programme.

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HKU-Sciences Po Dual Degree Programme

Successful study on this four-year dual degree programme will give you two Bachelor's degrees from two highly respected international universities; one from Europe, Sciences Po and one from Asia, The University of Hong Kong (HKU).  You will spend the first two years in France and the third and fourth year in Hong Kong. You will join a truly international cohort of students, as you complete your studies together across those four years.

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United Kingdom

HKU-UCL Dual Degree in Law

This programme leads to the award of both the Bachelor of Laws honours degree from UCL and a Bachelor of Laws degree from HKU. You will get the opportunity to acquire knowledge of Hong Kong law, experience study abroad and engage with different culture and legal perspectives. You will spend the first two years in UCL and the remaining two years in HKU. In your last year, you will get a chance to do vocational internship in Hong Kong during summer.

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United Kingdom

HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Engineering and Computer Science)

Under this HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Engineering and Computer Science), students can graduate with three degrees: two Bachelor degrees from the two universities and a Master of Engineering from the University of Cambridge upon successful completion of five years of study.

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HKU Bachelor of Social Sciences - The Graduate Institute Geneva Master of Arts

You will complete the first three years of study in Hong Kong and apply to Geneva for admission to one of their designated Master of Arts (MA) programmes, such as International Relations, International Economics, and International Law, etc.  The first three years will be spent in Hong Kong, while the last year of your Bachelor's degree and one-year Master's degree will be in Geneva. The learning experience will include an internship in one of the 40 international organisations based in Geneva.

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