About the Faculty 

The Faculty of Science was formally established in 1939, though basic science subjects were taught from as early as 1912 when the University first admitted students. Since then, the Faculty has developed into one of the largest in the University, comprising six departments and school: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics & Actuarial Science.

The Faculty seeks to provide comprehensive education in the sciences to meet the needs of society, and to promote science literacy through its quality teaching, research and interaction with the community. We are committed to educating the younger generation and equipping them with an analytical and innovative mind for the challenges of the rapidly changing world.

First-Class Scholars and Excellent Research Achievements

The Faculty of Science employs about 150 professoriate staff members, who have all obtained PhD degrees from prestigious universities. With the efforts of this team of distinguished scholars, the faculty enjoys an excellent reputation for research both in Hong Kong and globally. Teachers include members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Awardees, Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellows and holders of other internationally recognised distinctions.

Comprehensive Educational Facilities

The advanced scientific equipment and extensive computing systems in the laboratories, the comprehensive collection of science exhibits in the museum and the abundant resources in the libraries all help to create a top-notch teaching and learning environment. Off-campus facilities at the University Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre and the Swire Institute of Marine Science also give students hands-on learning experiences.

Diverse Learning Experience

The faculty recognises the importance of diverse and out-of-classroom learning experiences for our students. Experiential learning and capstone activities are classified into four categories: project-based learning, field studies, the internship and professional preparation programme, and exchange studies.

As a strongly research-oriented faculty, our students are encouraged and provided with the opportunity to engage in research at undergraduate level. In addition to offering project courses, including directed studies and final-year projects, the faculty organises an annual Research Colloquium for science undergraduate students, providing them with a platform to share their research findings and research experience, and to build up confidence in communication and presentation.

Two flagship undergraduate research experiences at the faculty are the Summer Research Fellowship Scheme and the Overseas Research Fellowship Scheme. They encourage academically talented students to undertake research either in Hong Kong or at an overseas university during the summer. In the past, our students have interned at overseas universities including the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of California.  Such overseas experiences have very positive effects on students’ applications for admission to postgraduate studies at prestige overseas universities.

Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)  -- Early research experiences for outstanding students in 6901 BSc

Faculty of Science is committed to providing our students with the best science education and be a nursery for future scientists. A Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) for Bachelor of Science was launched last year, it aims to provide outstanding students who is interested in Science to have some early research experiences and other international exchange experience in Science discipline.

Students in YSS are guaranteed with:

  • Summer Research Fellowship (SRF)
  • A further SRF or Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF)
  • International exchange study
  • international scientific conference
  • Research mentor
  • Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar
  • Entrance scholarship
  • Stipends for research programmes

YSS participants are guaranteed to go on exchange in one of the following universities:

North America

  • University of California at Berkeley
  • University of California at Los Angeles
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University


  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Oxford
  • Learn more about Young Scientist Scheme.


  • Automatic for JUPAS students with best 5 HKDSE (Category A subjects and M1/M2) score 31 or above
  • Selected Non-JUPAS students
  • Other students not accepted to YSS can still compete for the SRF, ORF and/or international exchange during their study

For programme details, please visit: http://www.scifac.hku.hk/yss

Degrees Offered
Title Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (Double Degree) BED&BSC 6119 50
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science BSC(AC) 6729 61
Bachelor of Science BSC 6901 358