About the Faculty 

The Faculty of Engineering is one of the founding faculties of The University of Hong Kong established in 1912.  Since its foundation, the Faculty has been keeping pace with the development in the engineering world and has always been at the forefront of engineering research, and has evolved as one of the largest Faculties in the University with five departments providing undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees in a wide range of important fields of modern engineering, technology and computer science.  The Faculty attracts the best students from Hong Kong to study a wide range of engineering programmes.  As at 2017, the faculty groomed at least 18,000 first-degree engineering graduates and 14,000 postgraduate research and taught masters graduates.  Many of our graduates are holding senior and prestigious positions in the engineering industry, commercial sector, education field and the government.

There are five departments in the Faculty providing high quality engineering education covering a wide range of engineering disciplines in the global knowledge-based economy:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Apart from the BEng programmes offered by these five departments, the Faculty of Engineering introduced an inter-disciplinary BEng in Biomedical Engineering programme jointly with the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine in 2002-2003, to exploit the strengths of both faculties.  The BEng in Engineering Science programme was also first offered by the Faculty of Engineering in 2012-2013 in response to the rapid changing world landscape for high caliber engineers to be given multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. The Faculty also jointly offered the BASc in Financial Technology programme with the Faculty of Business and Economics in 2019-2020, to nurture financial technologists.

All programmes of BEng under JS6963 being offered are accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). With that standing, the professional qualification of our engineering graduates is mutually recognized by most countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Such recognition widens graduates’ career opportunities globally.

The Faculty aims to provide all-rounded education to students equipping graduates not only with knowledge of cutting-edge technology, but also excellent communication and social skills; innovation mindset, lifelong attitude, professional integrity and international exposure.

Degrees Offered
Title Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology BASc(FinTech) 6248 24
Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering BENG(BME) 6925 23
Global Engineering and Business Programme (Double Degree) GEBP 6937 14*
Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science BENG(EngSc) 6951 20
Bachelor of Engineering BENG 6963 383*
- Computer Engineering BENG 6963 (major) 383*
- Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management BENG 6963 (major) 383*
- Computer Science BENG 6963 (major) 383*
- Electrical Engineering BENG 6963 (major) 383*
- Electronic Engineering BENG 6963 (major) 383*
- Mechanical Engineering BENG 6963 (major) 383*
- Civil Engineering BENG 6963 (major) 383*

# Since 2012, the Faculty of Engineering has introduced the common admissions scheme, through which applicants can use one single code, 6963, to apply for any one of the seven BENG programmes.

* The total number of first-year places for Bachelor of Engineering is 418. Students can choose their desired study programme after their first year of study, on the basis of academic performance.