The Academy for the Talented (the Academy) is a programme that brings together talented young students from around the world to develop their intellectual potential and offer them new challenges to stimulate their interest in learning at university.

The Academy curriculum encompasses rigorous academic courses, as well as enrichment programmes that emphasize personal growth and development of core competencies. At the Academy, students will be taught by our leading-edge scholars and professors in many special areas. They will have a chance to experience university life. Students will be inspired by the enrichment programmes we offer, such as creativity training, cultural tours, liberal studies projects, and presentation workshops.

In the first cohort of 2010, 121 students recommended by principals from 27 secondary schools have been admitted to the Academy. Five years later, The Academy has attracted more than 2,000 top students to join its programmes.   Invitations have been extended to selected top school partners overseas and in Mainland China for nomination of their top Grade 9-12 students. We hope that the Academy members from diverse backgrounds can learn from each other through intellectual and cultural exchanges, which then advances their development of a global vision.

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