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The University of Hong Kong’s highest priorities are to create opportunities for the very best academic talents to excel and to advance human knowledge to the benefit of society. To enable these, the University will provide a world-class, intellectual environment in which all its members are recognised and rewarded for what they contribute and achieve. In this way, the University will seek to serve the needs of Hong Kong, the wider region and the rest of the world.

Our vision for 2016-2025


To promote global citizenship and competitiveness, we plan to provide all students with at least one mainland China and one overseas learning opportunity by 2022.

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Is there life out there? Are we alone? We wish to continue encouraging critical questioning and thinking to innovate for change and social good.

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By bringing together different and divergent minds, we aim to drive and catalyse new ways of thinking, new ideas and concepts and new ways of doing things.

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From contributing to finding cures for the world’s greatest diseases, promoting oral hygiene in developing countries, our aim is to embed impact into all of our academic and educational outcomes.

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2018 JUPAS Application Timeline

We aim to provide you at this website with short-cuts to information that are most relevant to your consideration at this point of time.

From time to time, we will post updated information of HKU that will help you with the selection of JUPAS programme choices.

Nov 4, 2017: HKU Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions

Please visit www.infoday.hku.hk for details.

Dec 6, 2017: DEADLINE for submission of JUPAS application

Click here for the list of undergraduate programmes offered by HKU.

Jan 24, 2018: DEADLINE for submission of OEA via JUPAS

Submission of Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions/ Activities (OEA) information and uploading of required supporting documents via the JUPAS online application system (as appropriate).

May 23, 2018: DEADLINE for updating of programme choices via JUPAS

Applicants may update their programme choices before the release of the HKDSE Examination results during the period 7 December 2017 (9:00 am) – 23 May 2018 (11:59 pm). Please observe the programme entrance requirements to make sure you meet all the specified requirements of respective programmes.

  • Click here for the list of undergraduate programmes offered by HKU.
  • Interview schedule for HKU programmes will be announced later.

July 11, 2018: Release of 2018 HKDSE results

Applicants can modify their programme choices at their own allotted time-slot via the JUPAS account between July 12 – 14, 2018.

Aug 6, 2018: Announcement of Main Round offer

Please refer to the Summary of Arrangements for Announcement and Acceptance of Offer on JUPAS website.

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