The University aspires to the highest standards of teaching and learning, and sees its students as important partners in that process. The undergraduate curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility, so you can tailor your own academic programme. Extensive guidance is of course available from faculty members to students who need advice to navigate between the many options available.

A Transformative Undergraduate Curriculum

HKU’s four-year undergraduate curriculum provides flexibility: with advice from academic staff, you can devise your own combination of disciplinary majors, minors and electives both within and outside your home faculty. In addition to these discipline-specific studies, students are encouraged to explore issues of fundamental importance to all human societies through the Common Core courses. The curriculum also incorporates a diverse range of learning experiences, including overseas exchanges, internships and real-life projects both in Hong Kong and further afield. For details, please click here.

General Education Unit

Besides formal academics, the University also offers a range of non-credit-bearing general education courses. GE courses promote critical thinking, international perspectives and an appreciation of cultural diversity, the arts, ethics and values. Prominent scholars, professionals and community leaders are invited to share their experiences and insights with students through public forums, seminars and special programmes. Students can sign up for programmes at the beginning of every semester on the GE website.

Experiential Learning

Classroom Teaching

One distinctive feature of our undergraduate curriculum is the diversity of the learning experiences on offer. Students get the opportunity to pursue not only research-based or inquiry-based learning, but also experiential learning. The Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre (GHELC) collaborates with a wide network of local and overseas partners to create experiential learning opportunities for students from all 10 faculties. You can find out more here.