Online Talk on the Flexible Arrangements/Consideration for Students Affected by the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in the Region

The University of Hong Kong is prepared to support students, counsellors, and communities affected by the current novel coronavirus outbreak in their planning and application for university studies.

We are now together going through a unique and unprecedented situation.  Our primary concern is the health and well-being of all friends, colleagues, and students affected.  In response to the disruptions to classes and possibly public examinations, the University is prepared to allow greater flexibility in the processing and evaluation of students’ applications, including special considerations for students whose examination results may not truly reflect their academic qualifications and demonstrate their fit for university studies due to the disruptions they now face in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Do you want to learn about the University's latest flexible application arrangements or consideration for students using international qualifications to apply to The University of Hong Kong?

Here's your chance! This Friday, the HKU Admissions Office will be hosting an Online Talk on study options at HKU and the latest flexible application arrangements and consideration for students using international qualifications to apply to HKU.

Date: February 28 (Friday)

Time: 3pm (Hong Kong Time)


  • HKU Admissions Talk
  • Flexibile arrangements/consideration
  • Q&A

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