What are the perks of continuing your study at home?

World Class University

Study and experience university life with Asia's leading international university at home. HKU is ranked 1st in Hong Kong for Best Global Universities1 and 1st in the World for Most International University2

Global Opportunities

Even when you are pursuing your full degree in Hong Kong, there are countless opportunities available for you to explore the world; from exchange programme, summer school, field trips or overseas service learning.

Cheaper Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for local students holding right of abode in Hong Kong is HK$42,100 per year. The fee for 2019-2020 has yet to be decided on government advice, but we do not expect it to differ significantly from the current fee.

Global Opportunities

Dual Degree Programmes

HKU-Sciences Po Dual Degree

Successful study on this dual degree programme will give you 2 Bachelor's degrees from 2 highly respected international universities. You will join a truly international cohort of students, while studying across 2 years in France and 2 years in Hong Kong.

Study Abroad

Experience the World

We highly encourage each HKU student to go study abroad at least once during their study in the University. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. You have the options to choose a year or semester-long exchange, summer, winter or short-term programmes.

Service Learning

Be a Responsible Global Citizen

As a student HKU, you are encouraged to use the skills and expertise you have developed from learning at the University to contribute to the society. Join or initiate your own service learning projects and fulfil your duties as a responsible global citizens.

1 US News 2019
2 THE  World's Most International Universities 2019

What Do Your Seniors Say?

Graduated from King George V School, Hong Kong

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I wanted to stay in Asia to complete my tertiary education and the University of Hong Kong is one of Asia’s best universities. Furthermore, I have studied in Hong Kong all my life and enjoyed the experiences that I have had here. The University of Hong Kong offers a number of subjects and degree programmes where you can take courses outside your own degree or faculty.

At the University I have taken several courses outside my faculty, all of which were enjoyable. Moreover, students have opportunities to explore other areas of undergraduate studies by taking part in various programmes such as exchange programmes and the mentorship programme to broaden their understanding.

In Summer 2013, I was able to help out at the International Baccalaureate World Student Conference, which was held at the University. By assisting, I was not only able to meet people from different countries but I met students from HKU whom I had not met before along with staff, where I found the whole experience to be fun.

Zahra Kamaruddin | Bachelor of Arts
Graduated from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

I choose to come to study in Hong Kong as it is a vibrant, exciting commercial city. It has a long history in entrepreneurial achievement. I believe that studying business at HKU would equip me with the skills to meet the demands of the rapidly changing and intensely competitive global market a place. I feel that as Asia's leading university HKU provides me with the unique opportunity to experience the business world first hand and to learn more both inside and outside the classroom. Hence upon graduation I hope to stay in Hong Kong to pursue a career in the business field.

Life at HKU has been exciting, as one of the most international universities in Asia I had numerous opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds allowing me to develop a global mindset. I feel that HKU provides a range of opportunities for its students to take part in internships and to go overseas which is exciting for me. I hope to take on an exchange trip to the UK during my third year.

Graduated from Island School, Hong Kong

The quality of the classes and professors at HKU is extremely high. I’m so grateful to be taught by leading academics in the legal field, and it’s very inspiring to sit in lectures and listen to them speak and share their experiences with us. I enjoy tutorials as well, because I feel like that’s the time when you can really engage with the ideas in lectures and develop your own opinion on issues.

Claudia Tam | Bachelor of Laws

As a Medical student, the best thing about our curriculum is that it strikes an excellent balance between providing students with a sound knowledge base with more traditional learning methods like lectures and also problem-based learning which is the highlight of our curriculum.

Graduated from Renaissance College, Hong Kong

The classes in HKU are diverse and interesting. For example, in the social science faculty, I can learn subjects in sociology and psychology despite my major being Politics and Public Administration. The professors are so well equipped and knowledgeable in teaching and it’s a fun experience to learn from them.

As for law faculty, I am honoured to learn from professors who are the leading intellectuals in various areas of law in Hong Kong, since most of the time they are the ones who wrote the law books that we study with. Therefore, they are always at the forefront of the academia in the legal field, so I always have the chance to learn the most up to date information about the current development of law from them.

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