At HKU, a wide range of edge-cutting programmes are offered to students. With those programmes, we aim to create leaders that will solve the problems of tomorrow. In this section, you will find some of the signature programmes that have been highly recognised such as the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences programmes. The interdisciplinary set of programmes brings together the fields of arts and science, empowering students to think beyond boundaries and push new frontiers.
Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Biomedical Engineering: ultimately improving health and quality of life

Biomedical engineering  has constantly been playing an integral role in advancing modern biomedical basic research and clinical practices – thus ultimately improving health and quality of life. The programme aims to train students with quantitative engineering analysis skills to understand the working principle of living systems, and design novel solutions to address unmet needs in biomedicine, especially for healthy ageing.

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Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking (AMPB)
Asset Management Private Banking: First of its kind in Asia

HKU's BFin(AMPB) programme is the first undergraduate programme of its kind in Hong Kong and Asia. Upon completion of this programme, graduates can apply their knowledge to real world situations by conducting analyses and managing a portfolio based on investment guidelines and risk policies of institutional or high net-worth clients.

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Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBiomedSc)
Biomedical of Sciences: Significant impact on daily lives

The study of biomedical sciences focuses on the relationships between humans, health and diseases, translating biomedical applications of basic sciences to the clinical practices of health services and healthcare industry.

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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
BASc- Arts & Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences programme is designed for intellectually ambitious students who want to take control of their learning and develop a broad set of scholarly skills in order to become leaders across a diverse range of fields to tackle important global challenges through case studies, capstone experiences, and learn from thought leaders, and movers and shakers.

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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied AI
BASc - Applied AI

The degree emphasises the intellectual underpinning of AI applications in diverse areas, with a philosophical and ethical dimension. Students will learn to transfer interdisciplinary scientific knowledge into a wide range of integrated applications and technological innovations to develop the intellectual capacity essential for meeting new challenges and resolving new problems in the future. 

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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Design+
BASC - Design +

Design + programme is structured around design thinking as a distinct foundational approach to interdisciplinary studies, innovation and enterprise. Combining insights, theories, research, methods and practices that embrace a combination of design thinking, functional design and process design, the academic focus provides students with a blend of thinking tools that will equip them for the challenges facing all sectors of society.

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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology
BASc - FinTech
As a new emerging interdisciplinary area with very high impact on the economy of every society, this programme combines computing, finance, and policies and regulations to give students a thorough grounding in FinTech. The programme prepares graduates with knowledge in both finance and technology, allowing them to have a broad career pathway as they could take up positions in FinTech industry, finance, IT and more.
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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development
One of the most trendy topics for today is global health issues. This highly innovative interdisciplinary programme focuses on the impact of major global trends such as globalisation, population growth, ageing, urbanisation, and climate change, in which health and development are intertwined and is the first of its kind in Asia. 

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