Yasmin Chafra
Yasmin Chafra
United KingdomGB
Bachelor of Arts
Passionate Professors

Throughout my time at HKU, I've been able to take an incredibly wide variety of courses based on my own interests. These have ranged from forensic science and Buddhism, to China studies. There is definitely something on offer here for everyone! The professors and tutors in my classes have been passionate and enthusiastic about their work and the subject they teach, which makes me all the more motivated to get involved and participate in their classes. I am never hesitant to approach my teachers after classes because they are very friendly and willing to help out with any questions.

Professors are genuinely interested in their students’ personal development at HKU. The fact that there is a hands-on approach to learning also makes studying at HKU more enjoyable and enriching. For example, in a poverty class I was taking, we were asked to participate in the Live below the Line challenge, where we had to reflect on what it is like to sustain ourselves under a limit of 10 HKD per day!