Vesta Eresta Jaya
Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and Marketing)
Whole Person Education Among Talented Students

I understand that the essence of being a student here is to never get discouraged, and instead try to draw upon others' wisdom and valuable insights.

HKU has a great learning environment where I am surrounded by the most passionate and talented students. For my experience, the students are highly intelligent - not just in terms of academic, as I have come across a Mathematics student with the 'Best Conductor Award in Hong Kong', a Business Design and Innovations student with many international debating awards under her belt, and many others. I am always exposed to students from different backgrounds that allow cultural exchange, and learned from my peers about fascinating projects that they are currently working on.

I am encouraged to collaborate with talented people. Reading Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, HKU does support its science students by allowing an early-on exposure to research. For instance, the Summer Research Fellowship programme offers students starting from year 1 to conduct research under supervision and mentorship by the most seasoned scientists in that particular area of interest.  Moreover, I have the chance to pursue an area outside of my field of study, as I find myself drawn to business processes and dynamics. Like any other students at HKU, I am given the freedom to pursue a cross-faculty second major, which in my case, business studies.