Simran Avinash
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

Simran Avinash ranked 3rd in India in her 2018 ISC examinations. She is attending HKU with a full scholarship and has been named a President Scholar. Having many choices to choose form, Simran decided on HKU because of her interest in medicine and engineering.

"A culturally vibrant city, a stimulating environment, and a challenging academic curriculum. This is what I had envisioned when I applied to HKU last year, and it turns out that this is exactly what materialized once I joined. At HKU, the variety and flexibility of programs offered lay the foundation for exciting learning opportunities, but the experiences don’t stop there. I chose HKU because the university provides the perfect blend of east and west, a unique atmosphere which you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. With a passion for biology as well as a keen interest in technology, I was naturally drawn towards HKU's new Biomedical Engineering programme. This interdisciplinary programme has given me the chance to explore the worlds of medicine and engineering simultaneously. Using this golden opportunity, I aspire to make a difference to people's lives through new developments in bioengineering, and I think that HKU is the perfect place to immerse myself in a fusion of these two fields.”