Shivang Singh
Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management)

Scoring 98.75% in my ISC Board Examinations opened up several avenues for me to choose from. However, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was undoubtedly my first choice for undergraduate studies. Indian students who want to study abroad usually go to the US, the UK, and Singapore. I believe the number of opportunities in these countries are not as lucrative as before and the costs are also fairly high. Hong Kong happens to be the most favorable destination for higher education. Apart from being a major financial hub with booming career opportunities, it offers world-class education at an affordable cost. Furthermore, the University offers a range of scholarships to meritorious students and I was honored to have been bestowed with the title of President Scholar. The prestige and additional opportunities that this title offers opens several doors for me and motivates me to work harder.

I think I've made the right choice in pursuing International Business and Global Management as my major at HKU. The cohort comprises only twenty-seven students, which ensures a good student to teacher ratio and hence a conducive learning environment. Having visited Spain as part of the International Field Trip this year, I feel I have brought back memories and experiences that I will always cherish. Interacting directly with experts at firms and banks gave me an insight into what career options I would look at a few years from now. My degree facilitates studying a second major as well. I think I have found an interest in Finance for the same, however, I still have an entire semester to explore my interests and then decide. I am also planning to take Computer Science as a Minor to widen my horizons in the technical field. The six-month exchange programme in the second semester of my third year has already got me excited. I'm planning to apply to universities in the US and UK.