Ojaswi Malik
Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management)

HKU attracts students from multi-cultural backgrounds and has a strong Indian community which creates a feeling of home away from home. With a multitude of Indian undergraduate freshmen from varying fields, interaction with them opens my mind to new cultures and ideas from within India, and applies them to life in Hong Kong. During times of home-sickness, meeting with a fellow Indian friend and sharing Indian food also improves my mood. HKU has an active South Asian Society which organizes activities during festivals like Diwali for everybody to come together and celebrate with music, dance and food.

In my past 3 months at HKU, I have felt an immense sense of belonging. With high table dinners, super-pass dinners, hikes and cultural visits, HKU welcomes it students into its family with open arms. With being a century-old university, it has deeply rooted traditions which intend to enhance student experiences, especially through the traditional high table dinner. A variety of programmes and courses offered at HKU are very rigorous and competitive which provide the students with a very intellectual learning experience. With 10 different faculties and highly qualified professors, I can delve into new topics and apply them alongside my business degree. BBA (IBGM) allows students to choose a second major from any faculty, exhibiting versatility and encouraging well-roundedness.