Mishra Shruti
Bachelor of Economics and Finance
Eye-opening exchange programmes to explore potentials

Mishra is a Year 2 Bachelor of Economics and Finance student who grew up in India. She was a recipient of the HKU Entrance Exchange Scholarship by attaining fantastic school results. Since coming to HKU, she has actively participated in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Her most memorable experience was a 10-day intensive programme at Fudan University.

The 10-day programme at Fudan University opened up many more potential opportunities to be explored in her field of study, encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone and be daring. "I had a unique opportunity to study how business is conducted in the Chinese economy while exploring Shanghai. We attended talks by industry leaders, such as the head of EA, and engaged in challenging and polarising debates. Overall, it was an interesting experience and the 10 days were very intensive. It definitely made me think more about my field of study and changed potential career paths I considered." Mishra has also planned to take up new internship opportunities in aerospace and aviation companies through HKU, exploring her potential in other fields of interest.