Michael Wang
Bachelor of Engineering
Backed up by scholarships to pursue dreams

Michael Wang is a year 1 student majoring in Computer Science. Graduated from Santa Laurensia High School in Indonesia 2 years ago, he had himself prepared for college and HKU is his dreamed destination with various opportunities in internships, exchange programmes, and most importantly, scholarships.

Michael is a recipient of HKU’s Entrance Scholarship which is the biggest support to help him realise a content, joyful and resourceful beginning at HKU. “The scholarship makes the financial burden of studying abroad a lot more bearable. Other than that, being selected to join the Dean’s Club is such a huge opportunity for me to be mentored by the Dean of Engineering, Christopher Chao himself. Through the mentoring, I can see myself gaining knowledge and connection outside of campus to better prepare for my future.” He also describes his experience at HKU as “An awfully flawed dumpling yet delightfully perfect. There are uncountable mistakes and misfortunes in my HKU life so far, but I would not change a single thing because it was perfect to me.”