Harshita Bhattacharjee
Bachelor of Business Administration
Providing a gateway to inspiring internships

HKU supports and opens up many career opportunities all year round for students to explore. Harshita is from India, studying Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance). She is a freshman this year and was given the valuable internship experience at Soap Cycling Hong Kong. As a business development intern, she was not only able to learn necessary business skills but also developed as a well-rounded person.

“I worked with Soap Cycling Hong Kong as a Business Development Intern. Throughout the internship, I learned time management skills, professional communication, coordination and team management. The internship gave me a clear outlook on how companies manage their client base and all the work that goes behind the scenes for every step of work. The internship also helped me realize that business development is an area which interests me. It was an inspiring experience HKU opened up for me.”