Guang Yang
Bachelor of Engineering

"Studying in HKU is really an eye-opening experience.  One thing I really like about learning in HKU is the practical approach of the programmes and that you have time to experiment with your courses before declaring a major in year 2. 

From the very beginning of the course, you start putting your knowledge to use so we built a rube Goldberg machine for introduction to electrical and electrical engineering, a remote-control aircraft that can drop weapon for mechanical engineering and coded a game for computer science. This emphasis on practicality also translates into the university encouraging us to gain hands on experience.

While still a student, so far, I have done two internships. In 2017, I interned at Sunway Construction under the KVMRT Line II Project. I am proud and honored as this is one of the iconic infrastructure development projects in Malaysia.  My second internship with Accenture was very different from the first allowing me to dip my toes into consulting.  These two experiences really solidified my strengths and aspirations for me. I have decided to pursue a job in the consulting industry as I find it more invigorating and it will help me become a more holistic person."