Antonio Velasco
Bachelor of Business Administration
Gaining insights from internships

HKU is at the heart of the vibrant city Hong Kong, where career opportunities flourish. HKU has recorded a near perfect employment rate of 99.3%, thirteen years in a row. Antonio Velasco is in year 3, studying Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and recently interned at a world-renowned bank, DBS. He was able to get insights into the professional banking life and learn extensive skills that he will never forget. 

Internship in Hong Kong
"I have interned at DBS as a Summer Assistant. I was part of their Institutional Banking Group, which is essentially like their corporate banking division. I absolutely enjoyed the work I did and especially the people I worked with. They taught me a lot of technical aspects, jargon and how to use certain platforms, but I would say the most valuable is to be inquisitive. As an intern, we all entered our initial experiences in the professional world wide-eyed, not knowing the nitty gritty aspects of the job, and then all of a sudden felt the pressure to perform at a high level to perhaps get a return offer or at least impress our supervisors. However, they welcomed me and encouraged me to ask questions and reassured me that it was okay that I did not know a lot of things yet. I think this is a trait that I can carry with me a long way throughout my career as it implies to stay humble, to be willing to learn, and be unafraid to talk with others and you may end up with a new connection. This experience has certainly helped me figure out that banking is a great fit for my extroverted personality and my studies in finance."