Anagha Nair
Bachelor of Journalism
Glad to be a mentor in helping IB students

Anagha Nair is a Year 1 student from India, studying the Bachelor of Journalism. She was able to connect to HKU in high school by being selected to become part of the Academy for Talented, HKU. The Academy is a platform for outstanding students to pursue intellectual enhancement and productive academic learning. Anagha also took part as a mentor and an IB top scorer for the Academy, having the opportunity to connect with and guide prospective students.

“I was given the opportunity to be a mentor as part of HKU Academy for the Talented mentorship scheme. I was able to interact with high school students in Hong Kong, and give them tips for their university admissions as well as their final examinations. I was glad that HKU gave me the opportunity to mentor students and guide them in any way that I could. There was also an IB Top Scorers sharing session that HKU conducted, and I had the opportunity of being part of that. I was happy that my experience as an IB student could possibly help current IB students with preparing for their board examinations.”