HKU has been ranked 1st in the World's Most International University Ranking 2019 by Times Higher Education 

The University of Hong Kong set out a vision a few years ago to be recognised as "Asia's Global University". Since then, we have been working on realising this vision by increasing the diversity of students and professoriate staff on campus, and dedicating more efforts to research. We are also creating opportunities for students to gain learning experience outside Hong Kong. Our goal is to allow 50 per cent of our undergraduates to have two opportunities to study outside Hong Kong during their degree by 2019, and for all students to have this opportunity by 2022. 

Hear from our students

Irene Lee, Korea
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Govt&Laws) & Bachelor of Laws

The international programmes offered at HKU gave me opportunities that otherwise would have been difficult to imagine. This summer, I participated in a Social Innovation internship at the Human Rights League (Liga za ľudské práva) in Bratislava, Slovakia. During the two months I was there, I could observe and participate in political demonstrations, befriend refugees, and travel around Central Europe during the weekends. This experience gave me a new vantage point to make sense of the refugee situation in Hong Kong and South Korea. It also helped me understand the unique, powerful yet challenging role of civil society organisations in moving people and politics.

Vinella Mendonca, India
Bachelor of Engineering

Being a year one student, completely unaware of potential opportunities, HKU stood ground to offer one of the most exciting programs ever. The Common Purpose Leadership Development Program, held at Manila, the Philippines was a program beyond belief. The one month at Manila shaped me in so many different ways. Not only did it provide us with a path to leadership development and project management skills but also offered us hands-on experience through short-term internships with non-profit organisations. Based in an entirely different country, with a culture of its own, skills like cultural intelligence and diversity just could not be missed. We were a diverse team in itself and living together brought out the best in each of us. Although quite different from my major and course of studies, this experience has turned out to be the most memorable one with lasting friendships and skills.

The University of Hong Kong is featured on QS WOWNEWS as a leading university choice for prospective students on April 15, 2019.

News courtesy: QS WOWNEWS

HKU - The leading choice for prospective students

Should prospective students make up their mind based on global university rankings? There is no doubt that the most well-respected global university rankings, such as Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings, have very well respected universities at or near the top of their lists.  The University of Hong Kong (HKU), located at the heart of Asia and in one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities is fortunate in being one of these. HKU, recently dubbed the Most International University in the World”[1], is also ranked 25th in the world[2], 2nd in Asia[3] and 1st in Hong Kong[4], justifying its position as ‘Asia’s Global University’.

Global university rankings certainly serve the purpose as good references for choosing a university. However, rather than simply looking at the rankings themselves, prospective students should start looking beyond the rankings which are backed by metrics and methodologies. Learning to understand how the methodologies work helps to make an informed decision on which university to apply to. If an international university is what you are actively seeking, probe into the performance indicators behind the Most International University ranking. The reason why HKU has been ranked number one in that ranking is that it has performed well in terms of academic reputation, recruited a considerable amount of international faculty members and admitted talented international students from around the world. HKU’s extensive partner network enables students to go on exchange in 360 universities in 44 countries. 2,417 foreign students visited HKU last year. However, what is not specifically measured, and what prospective students will find the most appealing, is that, in just one year — 2017/18 – HKU students engaged in 10,464 educational activities outside Hong Kong. By 2022, HKU aims to provide 100% of its undergraduate students with at least two learning opportunities – one in Mainland China and one overseas.

Anthony Lim, a final year HKU BBA student in International Business and Global Management from Indonesia, decided to come to Hong Kong for university because of the international opportunities he sees in HKU. He probably feels that he has made the right decision because he has immersed himself in an international education where he has gone on exchange at the University of New York and competed in multiple international business case competitions representing HKU in Canada, Singapore and Norway. This is not an unusual case, and it goes some way towards explaining why graduates from HKU have had a virtually 100% employment record for every one of the last 13 years.

“Choosing HKU for my undergraduate studies allows me to go on exchange at NYU, represent HKU in international business case competitions worldwide which expanded the breadth of my knowledge. It was these international experiences that helped me secured internship positions in leading investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley”, said Anthony.

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